I was so excited for The Half of It. But after watching the trailer my excitement kinda lessen by half. Of course I will still watch and support it. I just had different expectation of it in the beginning. Now I just want to support it without having any expectation, especially if the crush ends up with the guy. I hope Alice Wu gets to make more movies in the future. Saving Face was truly nice and hopefully she can make more and better. Also I wish Netflix would make more lgbtq romcom series.

Yes, exactly, please, Netflix, make more queer romcoms! Or…any? 

But this does show, I think, how much the expectations around this are affecting the framing. I still think, as someone who would have preferred it to be more classic romcom, that it’ll be a fun watch. I don’t think the crush and the guy will end up together, unless things have changed in the extreme, but even with the focus away from the romance, you liked Saving Face and a lot of it was also about Wil and her mom and even, separately from Will completely, the mom’s romance with the young guy and how the community was maneuvering around that. 

I think a lot about this is the execution and I feel like it’ll be well done enough that we’ll still be happy. Even though the focus won’t be on Ellie and Aster, their moments will be sprinkled around in such a way that we’ll still be repeatedly reminded of them.