Charmed 2.0 anon again: if they sacrificed the magic for sisterly bonds i wouldnt mind(@ least for the season) because then we could learn more about them, see macy x mel finally hash it out and come out close, have all 3 have sisterly bonds and familial story lines and have family centred epsiodes… im crying thinking about it lmao. in terms of magic, i wanna see folklore, spells, otherworlds, mythical creatures! idk it feels so low stakes and lame and i hate that bc i love the actresses :( 1

charmed 2.0 p2: and i see the potential. i love the magicians but i get that all shows cant be that but to me thats golden standard! also imagine THE SERVE it would have been if they actually explored macy x abi?? esp w macy relating to her being half demon as well? but we all know having 2 gays (esp gay woc) is a pipe dream.. but the convos between mel and macy about that? also jada should have stayed and mel becoming a potion master? #iwannaseeitnowpls. anyway. imma still watch though lol 

I would gladly sacrifice magic if they wanted to spend more time on the sisters but instead we just got a half-baked search for new magic. It’s not as if what they have now is cooler, it’s not as if they explored what the changes in powers meant to them, how the loss of the old ones affected them, it was just the new writers getting rid of the old show so they can have their command room and make fun of safe spaces.

It does feel low stakes, it’s all just so random and new, and because we know how easily they severed everything from before, we have no reason to not believe they’ll do the same again. Why does it matter where they live? Apparently it doesn’t.

Hah, Macy and Abigael, their first meeting was so interesting and even aside from the sparks between them, they wrote Abigael as an ally and then didn’t just drop that because she was tricking them, I guess that was fun for an ep, but then made them both fight over Harry. But yes, I could never expect this show to go with TWO queer main sisters. God, though, you’re right, the way Mel and Macy could have talked about it, I’ve always wanted two super main characters to be queer, so we can get the kind of thing that Station 19 just did, with a nod to the fact that there are multiple people going through their own journeys but they still have shared experiences too. If I was out and knew another out gay person in my own group, the things we’d talk about! 

But fine, they weren’t going to go there. Then why not set up Mel and Abigael from the start?? They’ve barely interacted, even on the missions they went on together! I mean, I’m behind by a few eps still and clearly now they’re adding more but why’d it take that time? Like throwing together the spares. 

Honestly, I’ve been trying to catch up but it just makes me so angry, the amount of interiority and depth they allow Harry, how much of a journey he gets, that none of the other sisters do, especially not Mel. Most of Macy’s story is just about Hacy, and Maggie’s is about her guys. The show has become such a disappointment.