I just realized, Georgina Haig played Elsa on OUAT. They really out here with Lena Luthor mackin’ on Elsa, huh? Damn.

Yep, she was! Also in the I thought underrated Limitless TV show and then the probably deservedly canceled The Crossing and was quite watchable in both. I’m not sure what her actual arc is here, I don’t think we’ve seen any secret from her and most of her dramatic shots from the trailer were already in the first ep.

Lena making all those Disney fans’ dreams come true, huh. 🙂

Is secret bridesmaids business good? can you give a general description of what it’s about?

It’s a six ep miniseries about three best friends and their secrets, a dramatic thriller. The Katie McGrath character is bi and secretly in love with the Georgina Haig character, who we see get engaged to her boyfriend at the very start of the show (and every trailer, so not really a spoiler).

The most boring story to me but which will take the bulk of the plot, it feels like, is Abbie Cornish’s character’s story, she’s married with kids, but has an affair with a guy who stalks her

in increasingly terrifying and creepy ways

when she calls it off. I mean, it’s not boring boring, obviously, but it doesn’t seem new or interesting (yet).

It’s trashy drama and the first ep was definitely watchable for me in that vein. The first three eps will be dropping in a row, so by Tuesday we’ll already have a good idea of the series.

why is hannah john kamen’s face like that? like really. she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. was she in antman? she’s so beautiful. ok ok I’ll watch killjoys

I dunno, anon, but I’m incredibly grateful. She is in the second Ant-Man, yes.

 She is so gorgeous and like, I’ve seen her in roles where she’s not particularly likable but in KJ she’s got this warmth and humor and she’s just so personable. I’m glad you’re going to try it! Look at my last reblog, they make such good use of her. I don’t really know how it came about that this not particularly known British actress was able to lead a show, even on Syfy, but I consider us very lucky.

Oh! Also, if you can, try Banana 1×03.