Is it worth it to watch Nurses for the wlw couple?

You know, I originally answered this with no, but in the time since, I’ve had to drop three shows because I while I love the genre, I really couldn’t handle how meanly they wrote and I guess there’s something to be said for shows like Nurses that at least TRY to be kinder in their storytelling. 

If you’re asking if the wlw couple features enough to watch the whole show if you weren’t originally inclined, then no. If you’re asking if the wlw couple is enriched by watching the whole show if you weren’t originally inclined, then no. Caro, the love interest, doesn’t even appear in every ep, you could get almost all their interactions so far just through gifs. In fact, they’ve had five so far, I’ve giffed four. But if you want to watch an earnest, very Canadian medical soap where the second-billed character is wlw, you could try this, I guess.

What I liked about Dex and Violet. Was despite how it seemed like it would be set up for Violet to use Dex, they genuinely meet and had a connection and when they meet outside of that building you could see the struggle she went through debating doing her job and her feelings for dex.

Yes! I actually ended up really liking how they did it, the more I thought about it. They played on the viewer’s knowledge of tropes and the expectation that we’d immediately think Violet was playing Dex so that the actual twist would be that she wasn’t. It made everything suddenly deeper, they ARE two former soldiers who just met and had a great time, by both their standards, and the fact that Violet let her walk away, that she sent the drink, that Dex DRANK it? I fully hope they’re going to bring Violet back, this kind of chemistry would be too much to waste.

I also just have to say the writing was so much better than it has been for some of these recent eps. I wish this was the Dex they wrote all the time, not even including her with Violet, let her still be awkward and messy and angsty, just more in control in some tiny crucial ways.

How’d you that Stumptown clip? I was driving myself crazy looking for the ep but found it’ll air today where I’m at.

The ep was up for download in the usual places on Monday night for some reason. It was ripped from CTV, a Canadian network, but that often happens for  American shows, sometimes because they air earlier the same night, sometimes because the person ripping them happens to live there. I don’t usually watch on live TV or even official streaming apps, I just keep an eye on the download list and get what I want, so I originally assumed it’d aired in the US as well. Maybe they just aired this ep early, OR, they air a few days later than the US and it just so happens that it was the US that missed its airtime last week?

Regardless, it’s up there if you know where to look.