So as you can tell by our name we deal with racism within any fandom people want to talk to us about and we’ve gotten an ask about what you had to say about Poussey’s death. I had to go three pages into your blog to find what you originally said so I’ve seen everything that’s been sent to you and everything you’ve said on the matter.

I’m gonna address everything but also while I’m addressing you I’m not gonna call you out of your name. I’m not gonna wish death on you or threaten you. No racial or gendered slurs are going to be used against you past the read more.

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Get it out of your head that it’s progressive to kill off Black characters for non Black audiences to learn lessons. That’s disgusting. And it’s insulting.


to everyone who hasn’t finished the new season of OITNB yet:

please be careful watching episode 12. it could be very triggering. explanation under the cut (super spoilery)

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I posted this yesterday at a moment when I’d kind of reached a really frustrating place, but I’m kind of overcome by how lovely people were in responding. So many people reached out in comments to offer validation and a shoulder to cry on and a place to vent and there were people who were in even worse situations who were reaching out and comforting me

I’m tearing up again but because people are so good.

are you still into heartless?

I’m not NOT into it, but I already did my enjoying and fangirling. There’s no new content and I like canon enough to be satisfied with it and not seek out fic. Although, if there were good post-series fic, I wouldn’t say no.


can i just say, i want to make a shoutout to lgbt kids who live in homophobic homes right now. who can’t show their grief and terror, who have to keep their anger and outrage hidden; who may even have to agree with homophobic and racist family members to keep themselves safe right now. you are loved. i love you. i understand. your beliefs aren’t tainted.

even if it’s hard to see from where you are, even if it’s hard to see it in the face of this tragedy, there are people who will welcome you and accept you. there will always be sadness, suffering, and death connected to being lgbt. i don’t know if that will ever disappear. 

but please believe me when i tell you that you can find happiness. you will live and you will find love.

Thank you so much to everyone who responded. Thank you.