Ok, but nothing will ever get me like the fact that Harley doesn’t learn until years later that Joker’s story about his abusive childhood was stolen from Ivy. The sob story that started Harley on the path to falling in love with Joker in the original Mad Love comic being repurposed for the HQ series to show that Harley fell in love with the wrong person and it could have been Ivy from the beginning really gets me.

Ooooh, I didn’t know that! I mean, from that other comic! That’s so awesome. Even as it was already within just 2×06, I loved it! I think I started to actually annoy my friend a bit how many times I was like, but, see, THAT’s the VERY THING, that HE and then SHE–BUT THEN IT WAS ACTUALLY HER STORY ALL ALONG and my friend was very patiently like, yes 🙂 you said, already, a few times, indeed. Like, s2 did do a lot of things so well, and that was one of them, showing that first meeting between seemingly Harley and Joker but pivoting to Harley and Ivy, including that very story. That kind of deliberate setup is something I’m always going to adore about canon stories.

But looking up this Mad Love comic, wow, so it’s even more iconic and a bigger and deeper tie-in than I was thinking! Something from 1994 used to reinforce Harlivy…like, that’s plain soulmate evidence. Thanks so much for telling me! Man, I’m starting to get pretty interested in these two beyond just the show, just to see callbacks like this and Rose Bud and Harley’s immunity, these historical references starting to take new meaning and shaping their new canon future. It’s so cool to see it happening right in front of us.

Any good new wlw shows?

Don’t really seem to be, anon, hardly any new shows at all, let alone good or with f/f. Of the returning shows, let’s see… 

  • Hardly anything on s3 of Dark, unfortunately. 
  • The Chi’s s3 premiere started with a good amount of time on a f/f wedding and, although the wlw character in it sometimes takes a backseat in the show overall, she’s fairly prominent in the first two eps of the new season so far. 
  • There was a kind of something in the new season of The Twilight Zone…I’m still thinking over it, tbh. I think it was, but I’m not sure what the writers were thinking.
  • And lastly, one of the returning f/f characters in the second season of The Order had something with a new character then disappeared for like half the season, so.  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I was enjoying the harley quinn serie and a lot of other shows (as any multi shipper should) and then got caught up on skam france s6 as suggested by your anons and now I can’t think of anything else, I can’t even go back to enjoy harlivy anymore omg

Oh no! Or oh yes? Heh, I guess it depends on how you’re taking your current ship hangover. Are you happily basking in them or wishing you could get into something else? The ship’s that good, huh. Those pesky anons strike again!

Did you ever watched flozmin? Is god tier level Ship

I haven’t yet! Like Luimelia it comes heavily recommended and I’ve had it on my list forever but I always keep putting it off. I think in its case, the guaranteed happy ending also kind of makes me want to save it? You know? Like here’s a story that, if all else fails, I’ll be able to resort to.