The fear of being “too female” is not exclusive to CBS, though.The past few months have not been kind to women on traditional network TV. While women-centric stories are flourishing on streaming services like Netflix and cable networks like Starz, network TV has fired Stana Katic from the ABC’s now-cancelled Castle, killed off the female lead of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, and dumped ABC’s Agent Carter. If female leads and women-led shows with passionate fanbases are being disregarded by network TV, then the message begins to feel like women should take their “too female” tastes somewhere they might matter — or just not expect TV to represent them whatsoever.

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Hey, one more pilot we lost out on: the showrunners of Agent Carter doing a Cuban Macbeth-style series starring Gina Torres. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL.

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See, and I think CBS is double stupid for dumping the Nancy Drew pilot (whatever issues I had with the concept). If they had bought it and stuck on Monday nights at 10, I believe they would have collected the Castle audience nearly entirely. Literary-skewed crime procedural with strong female lead? And an audience that, many of them at least, are women who grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries? The audience was right there and they blew it.

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I don’t think Wynonna Earp is a mff triangle? At least not between the two hottest girls by whom I totes mean Waverly and officer Haught! Have you watched the recent episodes? I don’t typically like Syfy’s show hell I barely even watch Lost girls but I somehow just got really into this show. Sorry I’m defending it ❤️

Not anymore, yes, but when I made that post, Champ was still very much hanging around.

And it’s fine, you’re just stating facts. You wouldn’t need to apologize for defending it anyway. 🙂

The Finale Trend


Eleven weeks ago, Lexa was killed off in the most cliche way possible. Stray bullet, right after consummating her relationship with her lover, at the hands of an over-protective religious father figure. This happened after fans were baited for months on end, and Lexa, the female love interest, was never supposed to be anything more than a guest star.

As fans, we revolted. Not just at the show–but at a system that enables this to happen and allows white, straight, male showrunners to get away with exploiting, manipulating, and then tossing aside a marginalized group of young, LGBT+ fans. We demanded better. The following week, we banded together with LGBT+ fandoms everywhere and everyone agreed on one thing: LGBT+ Fans Deserve Better.

This phrase has become a rallying cry in the wake of Lexa’s death on The 1OO. Not just because of one show, but because of the horrific, bloody spring TV season that has seen 16 lesbian or bisexual women killed, and countless other minorities affected as well.

LGBT+ Fans truly do deserve better. Lexa has become a figurehead of this movement and her fans have provided the drive and passion to create something so strong that we have the chance to create change in the media. We can do great things when we unite behind a common cause and fight for change, because no one else will fight for us.

For that reason, for Lexa’s final appearance on The1OO, we will be trending “LGBT Fans Deserve Better” for the season finale, May 19th during the airing of the show.

We want to bring this movement back to where it began, when we were strong and united in our desire for better representation. Lexa died for nothing on the show, but we can make it mean something off the show–come together, and we can do this one last time in her memory.

Lexa’s story may end here, but  she lives on through us and our fight for better representation.

I forgot to post this earlier, but this is going on right now. It’d be great if you could throw in one or two tweets. I know people have been having problems with the way some things have been handled, but, as someone who’s been in and observed a whole lot of f/f fandoms, what happened with The lOO, the way the fans were misled and the false reassurances…was really very nasty. And the trend is a worthy one. Good lord, how we deserve better,


So I  guess all the shows I was excited for with f/f arcs have men right
in the middle of them. I don’t need no men to be involved ever, that’s
neither fair nor realistic. But. Surely it’s not entirely fair to center
these stories on men to this extent either? (And I exclude You Me Her
which is a different type of show from this list.)

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That wasn’t a fucking challenge, Rosewood.

This season of Blindspot has seen the suicide of a QWoC, later revealed to be faked though no less traumatizing to her partner, Bethany Mayfair, the death of Mayfair’s new love interest, another QWoC, killed to send a message to Mayfair, and then in the season finale, the death of Mayfair herself.

The Blindspot showrunner knew all about the trope and the hurt it was causing and still decided that was the way to go. Because killing another Black lesbian was so integral to the plot they just couldn’t not do it.

Bethany Mayfair deserved better.