Mentalist Season 3 Finale

Omfg, this episode. What a great, great hour and 24 minutes and five seconds. Just a little way in, decided I had to comment on it, if only to share with somebody. Anybody. Stupid friends all sleeping right now.

Spoilers abound, obviously.

So, first of all, it’s hard to convey just how much I looooved this episode. I wish they did this every time. But then I’d be spoiled, no doubt.

  • “I thought you liked baroque, mysterious” Lisbon with eyelids fluttering. Aw, Jisbon.
  • Jane so concerned on the phone, and then enough to actually drive over, leaving his comfy blanket.
  • Mac: used by terrorists.
  • Already such a great episode.
  • “Run into the police.” Yes, there are surely no police in the CBI building.
  • Bad guy sounds like the Indian guy from Crossing Jordan, the one who’s playing the gas station guy here.
  • I was right~
  • Hee, Lisbon’s reluctance to try on the dress is adorable.
  • Walking in on Lisbon trying on the dress! Whoa. (Which is exactly what Jane said upon seeing Lisbon).
  • And then how he walked in all close to her.
  • After seeing her in the dress and then back in her normal outfit…Robin Tunney is a gorgeous woman…I’ve often thought to myself how much I like how she dresses or how well she wears her jeans and shirts and blazers…a pretty lady.
  • Hightower! Oshi-
  • “Kimbal.” Awwww. He’ll listen to her.
  • Damn, I just realized the name and the money list and that they’d want to track her down. I’m scared for them all. And it’s rare lately that an episode of Mentalist makes me actually worried for them, I usually think of them as so episodic.
  • Weird, creepy music.
  • Aw, Max James. A good man.
  • I’m in love with this episode.
  • Cho knows the poem! And its interpretation.
  • I like that Lisbon still wants to be all legal and cop-y.
  • His smile at “it’s your duty as a citizen”.
  • LaRoche, I love you also.
  • And awesome, how they’re using past characters we all know.
  • Lisbon’s hair is looking great.
  • Heh, I hope the press person is fine, she’s so nice. And pretty.
  • Better not be iPads.
  • Oh, Lisbon, you pro administrator, “never say foolproof”.
  • I can’t get over how much I love this episode.
  • “Stop being so confident, it makes me nervous.”
  • Betting on it!
  • Omg, omg, omg, she’s going to a different floor. Right? Yes! She…or no…holy crap.
  • When Jane gets excited…I get nervous.
  • I think O’Loughlin is still a bad guy!
  • Didn’t LaRoche hear about the murder/suicide called in right outside that hotel?
  • I like Lisbon’s easy interactions with everyone. She’s not a hardass, even, really, or a velvet-covered iron fist. Just a tough, competent, nice lady.
  • As the episode is drawing to a close, so nervous! My god. It’s all coming together.
  • I knew it.
  • Really Lisbon, what kind of a cop doesn’t keep her phone at the ready
  • Fuck–no!
  • Awesome cop ladies being awesome.
  • Oh, god, she was just telling them about not watching stuff that’s too grown-up.
  • Man, eff you, Van Pelt. Going to her murderer fiancee and not her shot boss.
  • What if Red John had followed O’Loughlin, was it the best time to warn him off?
  • Oh. My. God. It’s…Bradley Whitford?
  • Hrm.
  • Really, this is how Red John is? Kind of like BBC Sherlock’s Moriarty. A bit anti-climactic. Though I’m glad it wasn’t a “it was me all along!”
  • I loved Whitford on West Wing and this is really not the moment to say this, but man, a tan Baker with a fresh haircut looks so good compared to an aged Whitford.
  • Baker does the aching look so well.
  • …huh.

I realize now why I was so ready to forgive certain Glee characters when I swore I wouldn’t.

Just like how the Rachel nose-job storyline was more palatable because of the even stupider Lucy Fabray reveal, there was a douchebag even douchier than Jesse and Karofsky in season 2: Finn Hudson.


booasaur replied to your post: Writing a short story about Anne of Green Gables for Civics.

Not Canadian but dawww. Oh, Lucy Maud. What JK Rowling was to so many, you were to me.

Love her love her love her love her. Anne of Green Gables (as a Canadian) is my LIFE. I’d love to play Diana Barry in the musical adaptation of the original novel, and then Anne Shirley in the musical adaptation of Anne and Gilbert. I am obsessed. Those books were my childhood.

I look gross because it’s 2 am, but :3

Oh, how’d I miss this? Not Canadian, but I spent a few years just completely enthralled with all of LMM’s books. Emily Murray, the Story Girl, all the others, and of course, of course, Anne. Rainbow Valley and Anne of Ingleside…I can’t count how many times I read those two.

Walter Blythe will always be my life’s biggest tragedy.

A musical adaptation, eh? That’d be neat.