I don’t even watch dctv anymore but they’re unfortunately the best at getting me invested in characters that they ultimately discard and no one really cares about lol it’s so rude. Nyssa and Maggie Sawyer are my forever dctv loves that the fandoms have long moved on from, but every time I see a new gif pop up of Nyssa she’s always pining for Sara who’s moved on a million times over and I’m like!! Why!!! Do u want to hurt her!!! And me! I get way to invested in ships that writers don’t care about

Yeah, the DCTV and even CW model as a whole is really great at creating a whole ton of fun characters, their whole model is to churn out fun genre shows with pretty people, they rely on people shipping and engaging to the level they do. I think with both those characters, it was kind of tough because they were love interests that didn’t really appear for too long, so it was expected that fandom would eventually move on, but of course as fans it would suck.

I very much understand not being able to move on from Nyssara, honestly, as super cute and appealing as Sara/Ava is and how much I would LOVE to be all up in that content, but I just can’t and have given up trying. But, I also don’t feel that angsty over Nyssara and Nyssa never moving on and what could have been. Sometimes when things are so blatantly affected by BTS decisions, they lose their weight with me (and then of course sometimes it’s the opposite, where people making awful decisions for Certain Reasons hits harder, but luckily for me this wasn’t one of those times). Maybe in different circumstances and different times, things could have been different. It’s to Nyssara’s credit that they had such little actual time but managed to be as popular and enduring a ship as they were.

Hey! I just wanted to first say I love your gifs sets of The Pier. I caught onto this series because of them and now I have all of the episodes and subtitles on my external hard drive. I’ve probably watched them all at least a dozen times. Anyways, my question is: What do you think of the change in Veronica’s attitude regarding relationships? I mean she goes from someone who thinks it’s ridiculous to try and “own” someone to asking Alejandra to choose between her and Conrado.

Awesome! I’m glad you liked the show. ^_^

I…loved it. It was my secret, selfish wish after the first season, because obviously just because I’m someone who needs my ship to be presented as this soulmate monogamous thing doesn’t mean that’s what the character/writer wants, so I was willing to see where they’d go as long as it was still something Veronica wanted. I at least wanted Alex/Vero to be framed as the most important relationship, even if there was still a similar kind of arrangement with Vicent and hell, Conrado, but of course we didn’t even know going into s2 if they’d be more important than Alex/Oscar and Veronica/Oscar.

But with the show pivoting to focus on Alex/Vero in every way, I absolutely didn’t mind this shifting too. It made sense and was set up not just by s2 but by that argument Oscar and Veronica had before the show even started. She was fooling herself to think nobody would get hurt with her approach, or at least that it was infallible. No system was perfect, it would be up to the people in them to put in the effort and make it work. And that would be true for open relationships or monogamy. 

To me, it wasn’t just the hurt she’d seen in Oscar that changed her mind, because that would be balanced by the damage her parents’ relationship did, but that she wanted something stable for Sol and she wanted that stable something with Alex. That was the crucial thing. As a shipper, I loved that! That she was getting both the stability AND the variety in someone like Alex, who could be so reliable and solid but also so mercurial and whimsical. I mean, to go from being afraid Oscar would always be over their heads to see her choose Alex in a way she hadn’t anyone else, and to lay out the contrast and the journey in such a thoughtful, intelligent way, I literally could not have asked for anything different for Vero this season.

A friend of mine ships Bess and Nancy. What do you think?

In terms of the quality of the ship or the likelihood? I don’t think it’ll happen, Nancy seems embroiled in the square (pentagon?) developing with Nick, George, Owen, and possibly Ryan Hudson. 

But in terms of shipping it, I can see why, they’ve got a cute, supportive friendship going. The actors and indeed characters are all incredibly charming and likable but the characterization and motivations are all somewhat…shallow? Like characters will feel something so strongly one week, when the plot calls for it, and then drop it or change in a way that isn’t really super consistent? But whatever, it’s that kind of show and it does that for everyone, so I try to watch it with that mindset. 

Well, the light is actually pretty bright in here. The sea looks green, but the sky blue. You have to walk about 100 meters from the shore to get to the deep part. La Albufera is surrounded by rice fields, so very green and lots of mosquitos. Do you know the painting “Cosiendo la vela” by Sorolla? That’s the light. I kept getting confused reading about the series because the “Álex” actress is called Verónica in real life. Thank you for answering.

Oh, man, that sounds like paradise. Except the mosquitoes, heh. But I LOVE that kind of sunlight, we used to get it in Pakistan and I really miss it here. I thought it’d be the green I’d miss most but honestly, it’s the sky. 

And heh, yeah, I caught that too. It must be wild just shouting your own name. 😀