The day Sauron dragged himself back into corporeality and discovered Elrond and Celebrian had kids while he was MIA was one of the worst days of his life.

He’s not scared of Galadriel is a mantra he mutters to himself sometimes when things feel tough. She’s just… a lot. And Elrond has been a thorn in his side for ages, with his stupid Numenor connections and tendency to show up with an army at exactly the wrong time. Sure, he doesn’t seem to take after Luthien much, but Luthien didn’t seem to take after Luthien much until one day she showed up out of nowhere and just started destroying evil fortresses and ripping people’s throats out. 

Now these losers are just throwing their genetic information together and seeing what pops out? Incredibly rude. The chances of a Luthien 2.0 (With Even More Menacing Prophesy) is not 0. 

Fortunately news trickles out of Rivendell that the twins are just very intense jocks, but the best intelligence he can find on Arwen is “grandma’s favorite” and “kind of quiet” and that concerns him

If you haven’t yet you should totally watch Juliantina from Amar a muerte they are such a nice couple

I had to look through my replies but somebody did mention this before and I’m interested, and I didn’t know where to watch in English before, but I just did a quick search again, and here’s a place:

There aren’t that many clips, when I get some time, I’ll go through them. Thanks again for the rec!

I don’t know if this is the obligatory internet negativity that comes after the announcement of anything, but I keep running into the comments Sonam isn’t a good actress. Then others are saying she is more than ok. Can you provide any insight?

Okay, I’m going to confess something and I don’t want you guys to think too badly of me for it: I can’t really tell when an actor is bad. 

I mean, major overacting I can usually go hmmm at but really, I just take everything as a choice. Like, oh, I guess they’re just playing a person who’s really flat or really histrionic. After all, people can be like that in real life. And at times I’ve thought, huh, that person’s delivery is really monotone and weird and then everyone’s like, oh, they’re great.

In Sonam’s case, I haven’t really paid much attention to her current career, but she’s always seemed at least serviceable to me? I was still living in Pakistan when Saawariya came out and since much of Pakistani cable is Indian channels, we saw the promo for it and then the movie itself. (And that’s another reason this is going to be so interesting–a whole section of Pakistan is going to be exposed to this movie too, by virtue of the fact that however much else they disagree on, they share so much of their pop culture. Put together, India and Pakistan’s population exceeds 1.5 billion.)

Saawariya was her first role, I think, and to me she was fine. Maybe that’s not very confidence-boosting, given the above, but you should already have some idea of what I like and don’t like from what I post. I think it might depend a lot on the role, and perhaps the director. She’s got a great face and expressive eyes. If I absolutely had to point out a flaw, maybe her dialogue can come across as unconvincing under certain extreme circumstances? But the melodramatic heights Bollywood movies reach aren’t where most of the movie will take place. And again, some people are just like that! 

I’ve seen a couple of other things with her, some of Neerja and Khoobsurat, and I really don’t think she’ll be the weak link here. It’ll come down to the writing either way.

This movie is fkn huge!!!!! Sonam and anil!!!!! #letlovebe!!!!!! FKN HUGE!!

I know! Out of freaking nowhere, suddenly a movie with these two and that’s the main plot. It’s amazing. 

I really do like how they’re treating Anil’s character, because it would have been so easy to make him colder and more of a typical desi movie father whose approval is only won at the very end, but you just don’t want that in this kind of movie. I really appreciate the much lighter tone where, yes, she’s closeted out of fear of rejection but there’s not really the overlay of fear for her literal life. 

And! That she gets to tell him that he disappointed her too. I really like this new trend in coming out stories, like in Supergirl or Will & Grace, where it’s no longer only about the person coming out acting like they’re finally letting go of this shameful secret but shifting some of the weight onto the shoulders of the family and friends that made it so difficult in the first place. I think the whole story here is being framed in such a smart way. That it’s going to be the homophobia that breaks up a nice family, not her being gay. And that if you’re a cool, loving parent, you’ll accept your kid.

I was wondering at claims this was the First and went over to look up Fire’s status, whether it was considered an indie or what, and man, it was released in 1996, right, and if you go to the Controversies and reaction section on its wiki, there’s just paragraphs of its treatment by the censors and the theaters that were repeatedly violently attacked for showing it. Two decades later, here we are.