name 1 bad thing canada has done


We’re really sorry bout that

Also, the Genocide of it’s Native people.

Also Japanese internment camps sorry.

also denying Jewish people fleeing the Holocaust safe asylum 


Destroying/demolishing Black neighbourhoods, thus destroying their history, and putting baseball fields over dug up Black cemeteries.

Sent body bags to indigenous reservations during a flu outbreak instead of disinfecting alcohol because “they’ll abuse it”

this thread is such a fucking tragedy

the original post is one of the constant many examples of common place historical amnesia among canadians, a result of our whitewashed, censored education

people truly believe the worst to come out of this slavery-condoning, genocide-committing, dictator-propping, massively polluting country is a 17-year old trashy pop star

and no one ever realizes how much this god-awful country supports the settler colonialism of israel and continued economic support of the British Dominion as our crooked politicans gave “anti-apartheid” mouthservice to Nelson Mandela in 1993

no, what they teach you in high school history classes is how much of a global leader canada was in the mid-20th century because Lester  Pearson sent a bunch of combatants to be military “peacekeepers” starting with the British & French-backed Israeli invasion of Suez in Egypt.

and this is SO INGRAINED in our national consciousness and identity-oriented policies that our very own UN head of the Canadian branch says lies like

which is taught in our high school curriculum and gives rise to teenage idiots like above truly believing in our white liberal myths of inherent good will, whose worst crime is to give the world justin fucking bieber
and i GUARANTEE you that 99% of this contry’s populace knows what “peacekeeping” is but ask them about the Somali Affair and they’ll draw complete fucking blanks

bless this post.