On Clarke as bi representation and fandom infighting


This post is prompted by some posts and asks I’ve been seeing on my dash, by people claiming that those complaining about Clarke potentially ending up with a guy are biphobic and perpetuate bi erasure. 

As a bi woman myself, and someone who is still devastated by the 307 events, as well as someone frustrated at the possibility of Clarke ending up with a guy, here are my two cents.

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In early August, prompted by leaked audition tapes for new season 3 characters, an ‘insider’ appeared on a popular lesbian forum with a thread dedicated to The 100, and began to interact with the fans. They identified themselves as “Your Friendly Neighborhood Lurker” and as someone who works on the show. They also identified as straight, despite the forum being a safe space for lesbian individuals to engage with one another.

“Your Friendly Neighborhood Lurker” announced that they were there for rumor control and to answer questions about canon. They also stated that they had a fondness for Clexa. They enjoyed engaging with the community on the lesbian forum and took pleasure in reading what the fans had to say about everything. While interacting with fans, they even tried to come up with ‘non-spoilery’ ways of responding to questions about the plotline.


Aug 4 2015, 02:37 AM

Sorry, just catching up (busy day at the office…)

Full disclosure: What we speculated last season when episode 209 aired has evolved slightly in the discussions for this season. It’s more like 2-3 years.



Aug 4 2015, 02:49 AM

I’m not Jason (yes, I know, no way to prove that.) He’s far too busy now that production has started to read forums. That’s why his tweeting has dropped off (though his asst sometimes retweets articles on his behalf).

– YFNL (Your Friendly Neighborhood Lurker)  :spy:

P.S. I’m here because I enjoy reading what you all have to say. Obviously, you don’t have to censor any criticism on my account (and yes, most of you will look at me askance as a fake because…well, I would.)


Aug 4 2015, 02:51 AM

She was in L.A. today.

She looks lovely in glasses, btw.

– YFNL :spy:


Aug 4 2015, 02:55 AM

Hmmm…  :hmmm:

Let me get back to you. Gotta figure out the most non-spoiler way to answer this and yet satisfy.

– YFNL  :spy:


Aug 4 2015, 03:05 AM

Total oversight. No one thought to take a photo until she was gone!

(I said it was a busy day.)

Last post today. Don’t want anyone here asking questions… and it’s cool if you are skeptical. You should be. Always.

– YFNL  :spy:


Aug 4 2015, 03:08 AM

(okay really, last one)

I only jumped in around page 220 of this thread. Tracking down leaks. Stayed because y’all are funny.

As far as I know, I’m the only one currently checking in here…but, if someone else does and sees my posts… let’s just say, I’m dipping in a toe and not a whole foot so as to keep my cover. Also, I in no way intend to spoil anything for anyone. I’m here for rumor control and questions about canon.

Keep on, keepin’ on, ladies…

– YFNL  :spy:


One of the major points “YFNL” made, was to reassure people about something that had been posted on social media.

Alycia Debnam-Carey had stopped by The 100 office and signed a poster to Jason with the following:

“Thank you for this opportunity. Jus Drein Jus Daun.”

Many fans took this as a goodbye note to Jason, suggesting that Lexa would be dying this season.

YFNL, in their capacity as “Rumor Control,” discredited that theory, stating that there was no goodbye implied and that Alycia was simply thanking Jason.

Of course, by the time Shawna Benson stopped by the board to reassure fans and “help them sleep better at night,” she was already aware of Lexa’s death. In fact, even media members were aware of Lexa’s death at that point. Eric Goldman, of IGN, joked that Kim Shumway had accidentally spoiled Lexa’s death for him at Comic-Con, weeks before Shawna visited the thread.



Aug 4 2015, 02:43 PM

Not an official poster. I believe Jason bought it on Etsy. ADC signed it for him because he asked. No “goodbye” implied by thanking the show creator for casting her in a great role.



Aug 4 2015, 03:28 PM

I already said to keep an eye on TCAs.

Maybe we’ll finally get an episode total announced…

But yes, that too could be guessed by anyone. It’s logical to announce that kind of thing at the TCAs.

The problems with “verifying” who I am are two-fold:

1. If I tell you something that would clearly identify me as being part of the show, I’d blow my cover with my coworkers.
2. You will continue to consider me a fake anyway.

So, I’ll live with #2 rather than run the risk of #1. I’ll pop in from time to time when I see things are going south and you need a little sanity. Maybe I’m legit, maybe I’m not. Either way, I intend to make you sleep better at night as you wait for the show to come back.
Now I’m going away for awhile, because clearly I’ve posted too much in the last 48 hours.

– YFNL  

P.S. Like pretty much everyone else, I am ship-agnostic. But I have a fondness for Clexa that cannot be denied. And I’m straight, since someone asked my orientation. I’m here because you guys amuse me. And this is completely unsanctioned, hence why I can’t prove anything.


Fans felt more reassured after YFNL’s posts and presence in the forum; the confidence in Lexa’s survival rose even more when “YFNL” revealed herself to be Shawna Benson, a staff writer on The 100. She confirmed this on her twitter account. 


Aug 4 2015, 07:38 PM

You guys have clearly had too many issues with this in the past, so I’ll just let it go.

Would’ve been fun.

– YFNL a.k.a. Staff Writer Shawna Benson @TeelaJBrown

See you when we premiere!



Although Shawna stated that she would not be back following the August posts, a Merry Christmas message to the same lesbian forum showed differently. Shawna referenced a series of inside jokes and names from the thread, demonstrating that she had been hanging around the forum and reading posts, even possibly engaging with the community on an anonymous basis. According to the forum, for Shawna to understand the inside jokes she was making on her twitter account, she would have had to be on the thread often.



Dec 25 2015, 06:29 AM

Thank you for a great year. Love you all and sorry about all the drama.

Merry Christmas!

YFNL  :spy:

(Yes, its really me. Check Twitter for validation)


This situation as a whole raises a number of questions about proper social media engagement between fans and creators. Was it wrong for fans to feel comforted when a writer on the show specifically seeks out their fan spaces and their LGBT+ spaces to reassure them about their favorite characters and relationships on the show? Should the creators really feel blindsided by the fan response when they spent time during the hiatus on lesbian-specific forums and read hundreds of posts that discussed the fans’ fears of Lexa’s death? Is lying to fans just to preserve the “shock twist” in the show really the right way to go about telling stories? Let’s discuss.

TLDR; shawna benson invaded our safe space to reassure us of Lexa’s survival when she’d been dead for months

Do you have a name?” asked Gerta.
“I do,” said the raven.
Gerta waited.
The raven fluffed its beard. “I am the Sound of Mouse Bones Crunching Under the Hooves of God.”
Gerta blinked a few times. “That’s…quite a name.”
“I made it myself,” said the raven, preening. “I stole the very shiniest words and hoarded them all up until they made something worth having. ‘Sound’ and ‘God’ were particularly well-guarded. ‘Crunching’ I found in a squirrel nest, though.

The Raven & The Reindeer, T. Kingfisher

My new book is out today! It’s called “The Raven and the Reindeer” and it’s a retelling of the Snow Queen. It’s available on Amazon, Smashwords, and check this page for links to other formats like Kobo, Nook, and iBooks, as they become available.

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forever done with clever writers saying ‘hey, let’s have the black guy be racist’

mack on agents of shield, pike on the 100, it’s allegorical racism in a world where normal racism doesn’t really apply somehow, so the only visible racism is performed by black men

and the white guys look super enlightened by comparison bc they’re not allegorical racists

anyways why do ppl like this show bc one of the showrunners? last week tweeted that the canon bi girl is going to end up, not with her tragic dead lesbian gf, but the angry white boy who has murdered hundreds of people IN THE LAST FIVE EPISODES

I don’t think Mack was portrayed as racist, or even short sighted or irrational. He was scared and wanted Daisy contained. He didn’t advocate killing her. Further, he is now one of the inhumans greatest supporters.

By your measure, you could call Joyce Summers racist for not immediately accepting Buffy as the slayer, Elena for not accepting Damon and Stefan…Showing characters reacting badly to things they don’t understand is realistic and a sign of a well rounded character.

Now, Pike has taken a very Trump like stance on the grounders and is playing on people’s fears. I can see the frustration here.

mack had a preexisting prejudice against aliens – which he claimed as a rational response to aliens like loki, but when it turned from ‘the worst behaved aliens’ to ‘all aliens by proxy’ that stops being true – and daisy got caught up in it, but he eventually overcame it.

but if you swap hunter for mack and asians for aliens, it’s clearly just racism. mack //was racist against aliens// but then he met a nice one and got over his prejudice. it’s not even subtle.

for comparison, joyce was being allegorically homophobic, like bobby’s mom in x2, all ‘have you tried …not being a mutant?’ the difference between joyce and mack is that mack hated what daisy was, where joyce hated what buffy did.

pike hates grounders, mack hates aliens. mack doesn’t have to want to kill aliens to be racist against them. though jemma did want to! aaaaaall of macks arc could have been on jemma, except they needed to give those traits to someone who can embody them without making the white audience feel bad, so her xenophobia arc was like two episodes where macks was a season and a half.

(Note that Bob Morley, the actor who plays Bellamy, is half Filipino, so as to not derail this convo.)

But yes! This is so annoying. I was putting it down as xenophobia, but allegorical racism, that’s it. It’s like that one weird ass book a while back that tried to portray some white girl as the victim in a “flipped” society, where apparently to make a commentary on race, the persecuted people had to be white and the bad guys Black. I assume they’re trying to make racists see what it’s like by taking away typical dynamics, but they just end up with extremely unsympathetic Black characters, so…? How would that be convincing racists? That’s how they see the world anyway. And it’s usually with white characters there to call them out, too, so it’s just bad all around.



The Cross Lake First Nation reservation in Manitoba has declared a state of emergency after 6 suicides in the last two months, and 140 attempts in the last two weeks. With a population of 8,000 this means that nearly 2% of their entire population has attempted suicide in the last two weeks alone. They are begging for mental health staff and an actual hospital, at this point. We must end the ignorance regarding the plight of native people. 

*checks because I always do with news-things* This update current as of 09 March, 2016.





So all of Detroit public schools are going to close after April 8th if there’s no funding and there’s definitely no money so I guess the school to prison pipeline is now completely removing schools from the equation here.

I just wanted to clarify that by close, what’s actually happening is after April 8th, the district will literally not have the money to pay any of the teachers. At all. None. Unless lawmakers grant them 50 mil in aid, but so far they can’t agree on a plan. And there are already teachers on the news saying they will not be going to work if they’re not being paid. Given the current conditions DPS teachers deal with every day (lack of funding, overcrowded classrooms, limited resources) no one can really blame them or say anything. No one knows exactly what will happen since the district is already about 515 mil in debt but it’s not looking good.


this is the most fucked up thing


Can people stop saying that Clarke will make Bellamy “good” again and that she’ll bring him to the “right” side and that’s why they hugged?? It’s really gross?? Because believe it or not, but Clarke isn’t always right and despite how this narrative tries to spin her as this all knowing white savior (“what would Clarke do?”) in season two, her way isn’t always the right or best way in the end, aka her trusting in the grounders alliance in s2 to rescue the kids and Bellamy even said all they needed was an insider man and guess what?? in the end he was right??

Going into season three this is literally the dilemma again because both of them have different ideas of how to best protect their people, except this time their methods don’t align and they find themselves on opposite sides with different methods. Despite how I disagree with Bellamy’s methods and in fact I’m cringing at the thought of how much more shit Jason’s gonna make Bellamy go through before he finally makes an active stand against Pike, it’s super gross to me that the BC fandom likes to romanticize the idea of Clarke “saving” Bellamy in any way, shape, or form by showing him how wrong he is (and by default showing how right she is, and having him acknowledge it!!) and that she somehow represents this all knowing truth and Bellamy needs to follow her “light”. Like Clarke isn’t perfect and she fucked up a lot too because she thought she was doing the right thing, just like how Bellamy thinks he’s doing the right thing now, and that was literally the whole point of the last BC scene where Bellamy was angry at her because yes, some of it was personal resentment for her deserting them and him, but some of it was also him questioning her leading style and prior actions and guess what folks, Clarke needs to have her actions questioned and held accountable, just like how Bellamy is gonna be held accountable for his fuck ups in this season.

Why are people pretending like Bellamy is in the total wrong here, as if Clarke’s plan to hold the coalition together isn’t gonna blow up on her face (it will, trust me) and it’s gonna be like MW betrayal 2.0 because she once again thought the answer to everything is making an alliance with grounders, but in the end, it’s only a short term solution?? The coalition isn’t gonna hold and what then? The only difference is that this time Bellamy isn’t gonna sit around twiddling his thumb waiting for shit to hit the fan and have the alliance fall apart AGAIN and he’s taking the offense instead of playing defense again, and yeah his methods are fucking questionable, but don’t pretend that Clarke’s methods are beyond criticism either and shame Bellamy for being wrong while Clarke herself is gonna be proven wrong very quickly once the Ice Nation gets the civil war they want so badly.

Despite liking Clexa, I’ve never minded reading things from the Bellarke side because they call out the racism, and lord knows there’s a lot of racism on The 100. But reading this kind of sickened me. Yes, it’s gross for your ship if people have Clarke “fixing” Bellamy or if Bellamy needs Clarke’s guidance to not do gross things, which is on the show too, but the major problem is the writers, most of whom seem to have very little idea with how to write for disenfranchised groups, writing a colonialist narrative spearheaded by PoC characters and then eventually glossing over it and always valuing Clarke above everyone else. Equating what you think are Clarke’s poor strategic choices with Bellamy’s poor moral choices is pretty awful? The Arkers are playing out the colonialist narrative very clearly and it really does sicken me to think that somebody murdering what we’ve clearly seen is an innocent group of native people because of xenophobic fear of what they might do is seen as positive action, going on the offense and not twiddling his thumbs. You value Bob Morley’s Asian background, how can you ignore how this very thing historically ravaged huge parts of Asia?