Dead End #3 I think it’s the way you talk about tv shows. It’s so caring, insightful and honest… You come out as a trustworthy person. Also, we’re currently going through a huge heat wave here so the mistrustful part of my brain might have melted… (And of course let me know if something doesn’t work or if I can be of any help…)

Aww, anon! First of all, thank you! Second of all, don’t trust me because of that! Lol.

And, I should have said this yesterday but tbh, I haven’t been feeling too well, but rest assured, I won’t share that with anyone. I got so nervous that I might accidentally publish it that I wound up deleting the ask, heh. It does work, though, and I have a couple of methods to try to get the subs and then I’ll post the eps/subs on like, Google drive or even YouTube, if it allows it.

Sucks about the heat wave, buddy, are you in Europe? I’ve been following the WWC so have noticed people commenting on the heat over there.


Warning for alcohol use and casual ableist language!

fandom: Amar a muerte
focus: Juliana Valdés and Valentina Carvajal (Juliantina)
audio: “Clarity” by Clara C & Madilyn Bailey (Zedd ft. Foxes cover)
coloring credit: SunnyVids
overlay credit: XBellTutorialsx
program: Sony Vegas Pro 13

this was basically a huge experiment in trying out a bunch of effects (hence my using a years-old cover of a song no one edits with anymore), but i really liked the result and figured the world needed more juliantina content anyway. i know #juliantinaappreciationweek isn’t for another couple of weeks, but i really wanted to make something for pride month since i know i don’t have the attention span for appreciation weeks in general

for any of my followers who aren’t familiar with this show (or anyone who just stumbled on this vid randomly), juls and val are a fantastic couple from a telenovela that you can find info about watching here (x).

major thanks to the tumblr community (and @booasaur in particular) for introducing this beautiful pair to my attention! 🙂

To Dead End anon: got your ask, thanks so much! I’m honestly kind of humbled by your trust. I’ll try to see if this works.