The glee club winners and the measure of their success, from left to right, top to bottom.


RIB should perhaps be more careful about who they think is flunk-worthy. Santana’s line in the season 2 finale about winning Nationals being their “only chance to feel good about [them]selves” also makes no sense, knowing that the Cheerios were among the first to win a significant title.

Notes for positioning and placement:

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wait are you serious bro? even if you’re not going to count kurt’s game-winning field goal for football, he singlehandedly WON NATIONALS for the cheerios with his amazing fourteen minute celine dion medley completely in french



Umm, but Kurt won the Cheerios a nationals title by singing a 14-and-a-half minutes Celine Dion medley. I don’t know about you, but I definitely consider that an achievement. Or am I missing something?

Otherwise, the list is flawless! You’ve clearly done your research. 🙂

Quite right. Fixed.


Is this counting Kurt being PQ as a “win” cause uh…

Also, wouldn’t the Glee club doing things like winning sectionals and regionals count as a win if we’re going off of stuff that can be in college resumes?

Counting the highest title achievable in that field. Otherwise there would be innumerable lower level trophies for whatever other competitions that we never really find out about.

I would like to think that some day in the future Kurt can look back at this and laugh and perhaps even make something of it. In the fashion or performance circles, that could be an interesting part of his background.

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