TIL In 2012, a man was brutally stabbed while restraining a subway stabber who had killed 4 people. When police showed up they did nothing to treat the mans wounds or get him medical help. The courts later ruled that police have no legal obligation to protect or serve the public.


This patriot act episode explains some of the systematic injustice as well. Hasan Minhaj covers what cops are legally able to get away with and goes into detail about the training cops are given, the problems with their unions’ values and why it connects to “good” cops sticking up for shit cops, etc.

bro i really fuckin admire you for going out and protesting!!! i want to really badly but with covid going on i’m afraid bc my family is high-risk and ik they wouldn’t be okay with me going. but, in case an opportunity opens up, do you have any tips for how to properly prepare to maximize safety? thanks so much, you’re the shit bro!!!!


hey thanks!!! i understand that feeling, since most of my family (including myself) are at risk. this is definitely not everything, but here are some tips i’ve utilized that i heavily recommend:

dress in all black / nondescript clothing – NO LABELS! nothing that’s gonna make u stand out. clothes baggy enough to conceal ur figure, tight enough to be able to run in without tripping u up. COVER UR FACE, HAIR, TATTOOS, ETC. black bloc is the move.

wear shoes u can run in, seriously. and the plainest shoes u can find

FOR TEAR GAS: goggles strapped tightly to ur face, glasses > contacts (trust me), bring multiple disposable rubber gloves u can use to clean ur face without spreading the powder, bring water to flush ur eyes and then flush (and clean ur face!!) with a baking soda and water solution (soak a bandana or cloth in this solution beforehand too)

• r*bber b*llets really hurt, wear layers / padding / a shield or something

bring snacks (like energy bars) and a generous amount of water. idk abt y’all but here, there have been plenty of ppl with water and snacks for ppl that don’t have them, but it doesn’t hurt to have some on u. DRINK WATER!!!! you might think you’ll be good but you do NOT want to be dehydrated while you get gassed, it’ll almost definitely make you throw up

• i suggest bringing a first aid kit (we had a medical tent but the cops destroyed it), a knife/scissors, money (bills) in a plastic bag, sanitizer, extra masks, a change of clothes, any medication u might need (especially if u have asthma or anything like that), and again: WATER!!! CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH

IF YOU ARE WHITE: when the police show up STAND IN FRONT OF UR BLACK COMRADES. they will be less violent with you, and this is something that’s helped us a lot. DO NOT SPEAK OVER THEM, but shield them.

always go with a group and have an exit plan (and each others contact info / multiple meet up places); if u get separated (ESPC IF UR BLACK), link up with another group immediately (they’ll be more than welcoming). we’re all in this together and need to protect each other

LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS! if you’re white DO NOT stray off and do random harmful shit that black people will be blamed for. if ur black, do what u see fit but be smart. be safe.

NO PICTURES OR VIDEOS THAT COULD BE USED TO DISCLOSE ANYONES IDENTITY AT ALL. no faces shown on camera at all. no facebook lives or insta posts. police and alt right assholes can and will use this information to find and kill or arrest us, especially those of us that are black. don’t be an idiot and risk ur or someone else’s life. also @ nonblacks: u don’t need to be taking pictures to flex at all, it’s weird and remember that this is about antiblackness, not ur uwu ~revolution~

if u can, leave ur phone at home. for some of us that simply isn’t possible while remaining safe, so if u can’t, turn off cellular data and disable icloud. no pics that could put u at risk. no compromising text messages. location services off. don’t brag abt stuff u’ve done online, and don’t guess about who did what. keep us all safe!

• these are our cities!!! get free, and do it as safely as u can!!!

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If you’re looking for a bail fund in your community, check the NATIONAL BAIL FUND NETWORK

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i know everyone doesn’t have the funds to support causes like this and that’s okay. but if you do have the funds, please don’t just reblog it. actually give some money. it can be really easy to just reblog what you see (which is great!) and then forget to actually support the causes. it doesn’t have to be any crazy amount either. if you only have the means to give $5, that’s great. 

and because some people in the notes have been mentioning: yes, the cash bail system that we have in the united states should absolutely be abolished, and many of these funds that you see linked above participate in sustained activism and political outreach in order to advocate for that abolition. but these funds are still important towards helping individuals in the immediate term. just because the cash bail system is corrupt doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do all we can to help bail out individuals from largely low-income communities of color who are constantly victims of a corrupt criminal justice system. 

Ivy in the comics is less bored, chill, sarcastic and indifferent and more cold, calculated, sexy, intelligent and generally entirely misanthropic. There are a LOT of opportunities to read her as asexual/lesbian/both. I love how she detests humanity, not because of social awkwardness but for political and existential reasons. And that makes her devotion to harley very special.

Oh, hmm, hmm. I mean, I do get her hating people in general in the show, although from 2×06 it seems to stem from her parents and not social awkwardness? But still, I think I get what you’re saying. And that DOES make her Harley exception all the more unique.

The only other version of her I really know is Uma Thurman in that one movie and I barely remember it. THAT was definitely different from this one, but also seems to be different from what you’re describing. Maybe I should try some of these comics…

I was about to start watching vagrant queen but the comment about the violence put me off. I thought it would be a fun adventure show like killjoys, but I take it it’s not the case?

Oh, it is, it’s campy and goofy, more so than KJ maybe, and I guess that’s how I take the violence, but the other anon’s not wrong, every once in a while you’ll see people being tortured or hurting themselves and it’s just…there, not even that cartoonish, though it’s treated like it is, and then we just move on from that back to the jokes. It’s not particularly to my sense of humor, but it’s also not a dealbreaker for me.