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I’ve been waiting for a while to see how that panned out and I was really disappointed

It would have been such a valuable story arc because it’d feature a hijabi f/f character, and such a fulfilling sweet one, a lesbian developing a crush on her friend and having it reciprocated. Why does a comic about a teen superhero need to be “realistic”? I don’t think people realize how depressing all the varieties of constant bad endings get. I usually avoid Muslim f/f characters because I don’t want to deal with all of That, but this wouldn’t have been that. Oh well.

Spoilers for that Ms Marvel f/f post I just reblogged

“Zoe met with Nakia and finally told her the truth about her feelings. Nakia told Zoe that she did not return the sentiment, but still cared for her friend and vowed to stand with her no matter what.“

Boooooooo. Crushed again. What a short road to disappointment this time! Comics…where every second person randomly gets superpowers but a gay person’s crush can’t return their feelings. Even if they write in a new love interest for Zoe, these two had so much history. Through different drawing styles even, apparently, heh. This is why I stick with fanfic only.

Zimbio TV Couples March Madness Challenge 2017

Zimbio TV Couples March Madness Challenge 2017

Zimbio TV Couples March Madness Challenge 2017

Zimbio TV Couples March Madness Challenge 2017

i still hate the ending of the devil wears prada like yes QUITE YOUR HIGH PAYING JOB ON THE SPOT BECAUSE YOUR EX BOYFRIEND MADE YOU FEEL BAD



i hate her friends her stupid garbage friends who play keep away with her phone and laugh about how stressed she is and mock her fears of losing her job

i hate her stupid ratface diaper baby boyfriend who gives her the SILENT TREATMENT when she has to work late on his birthday, like a fucking toddler who is mad that he didn’t get to go to chuck e cheese

i love that movie but i HATE HATE HATE how her job in a highly competitive, creative, high-earning industry is treated like a dumb joke for vapid women who aren’t smart enough to have a “real” job 

angriest hissing

Ooh, this is where I recommend @telanu‘s excellent novel-length fic Truth and Measure. It’s so well-written and plotted and it all hinges on Andy NOT leaving. Almost immediately, her boyfriend and their friends are no longer part of her life. And it’s just a great look at Andy and that whole world without demeaning either. And there’s f/f romance. 

What did you say? Heterosexuality is haram? Wtf. Hope it’s joke or something


– Noah’s wife was straight. Lot’s wife was straight. Pharaoh was straight. Literally every person who is punished ~by name~ in the Taurat, Injeel AND Qur’an were heterosexual. Coincidence?

– If Adam’s judgement wasn’t clouded by his heterosexuality we wouldn’t be in this worldly mess in the first place. IF Adam was gay like a normal person we never would have been kicked out of the garden.

– “Straight”/”Hetrosexual” are modern sociological constructs. Heterosexuality is bidah. 

– If heterosexuality is permissible then why are there gendered barriers in the masjid? Why are men allowed to expose their navels so wantonly amongst their brothers, but not amongst women?? HMMM?

The only straightness for true Muslims is as-sirat al-mustaqim.

It’s so obvious I don’t know how you can’t see it.

Heterosexuality is haraam. Obviously.