I was one of the anons talking about bly, and the last thing i wanted was to pressure you into watching. I’m really sorry if it came of like that to anyone, especially you. I avoid anything wlw that has sad or tragic endings. I am that person. Bly and Portrait being literally the only exceptions that i watched and looooved. So i get you, and respect your opinions and boundaries always, especially on the topic of wlw endings in media because i feel the exact same way about them.

Oh, don’t worry about it! It didn’t feel like that, at all. I know it takes me a while and sometimes multiple prompts to watch or do a thing, I don’t mind that at all. In this case, it didn’t really prompt me to watch or move it up my list but the tone of the messages wasn’t at all pressuring, don’t worry about it.

Why some anons are pressuring you to watch Bly manor? If you said once that you dont want to watch,then that is it. period. At least they have to respect you. I am in the same page with you about Bly manor, i couldnt watch for same reasons. I even understand hype and everything on twitter (i support them) but sadly i feel like i am alone about not watching it. Have a nice day/night.

Oh, I don’t see it as pressuring! I take it in totally good faith, especially since mostly I’ve only said I’m not going to watch now (or soon). And I get wanting others to like what you like, I find it nice that people want to share that. And who knows, maybe I will watch it one day. I don’t tend to have feelings tooooo strong about this kind of thing, but if I did, I’d be firmer myself and then I’d expect people to follow my lead. Plus, I am choosing to answer each of these, heh.

But I do also understand how it feels when of the few BIG f/f things we get doesn’t resonate with you and you feel like you’re missing out, if not on the thing itself, then the community and experience. I feel like that too, more so earlier when I was really torn between watching and not, but now that I’m more decided, it’s like, well, I don’t want to watch, so…what are my options? Just the one, right, not watching. There’s less conflict. It is what it is and sooner or later it’ll be something else.