Those hospital part were some of my favorites too. Also I loved that during those episodes you see val always running after juls trying to keep up lol. The moment you just gif then the moment were juls thought val paid the hospital bill where shes walking away and val is talking about chocolate and trying to keep up and then when juls realizes val didnt pay and she turns around and starts walking away and you see val again running after her and in other scenes too. Thought those bits were cute

Also that moment when juls is leading val away after lupita catches them. Ugh that angry walk of hers is hot lol

I was thinking about how many moments there are when one grabs the other by the hand and leads her around (spoiler alert: a LOT) and how natural it was for them, despite it being a kind of intimate thing, no? But Val started it immediately, the first time they met, and coming from her, it really could just be friendly, she’s so naturally tactile and open, she feel she does that to everyone. 

But Juls returning it is definitely not such a normal thing. @dealanexmachina pointed out how careful Juls is when she touches Val, how aware and watchful she is around her, and that’s not just a Val thing, she’s as guarded with people as Val is open. But somehow she’s been able to take Val’s cue on at least this, deciding it’s just something friends, becoming second nature.

Sure, in the hospital and away from Lupe, it’s more a protective thing, wanting to get away from a situation and taking Val with her. She didn’t need to do it, Val was going to come with her anyway, it was just an additional reassurance to have Val’s hand in hers, a way she could feel better about being so helpless otherwise.


Even in this moment, when they’re about to have an enormously significant conversation about their feelings for each other, and so this might have been the moment to put a bit of distance between them or maybe it’d be too awkward? Nope, Val’s feeling down, so let’s take her to a place to do what she wants.


And here she kind of needed to actually physically pull Val along, even if it was all in front of her overbearing strict sister.


But very early on, it was a natural instinct. 


So natural she does it when she’s taking Val literally three feet away. 😀


Now, the chasing is totally different and adorable. It’s kind of the opposite of the above, Juls is too focused on something to grab Val’s hand.

Ah, this one, when Val’s happily chattering about the chocolate she’s prepared and Juls is angry and preparing for their Talk (which, Val handled so maturely! All babe, no, I would have but you said not to, remember? So cute).


And this shot that they included right after just made it so extra cute, with her duster billowing behind her, lol. One of the things I loved about the hospital era was that when things were happening to Juls, the show included Val, a lot, her thoughts and feelings, but let the focus be on Juls.


And here we see a Valentinius Carvajalas chase her not-girlfriend in the direction of literal gunshots


Bonus: Val chasing Juls


And catching her.


I am the angry-sushi shouter outer anon! but it felt a little weird? to use them to identify me as an anon which is silly because ?‍♀️ anon. Never heard of Arkady Martine, but I’m gonna take a look, thanks! Kristin Cashore’s Jane, Unlimited was definitely a fun read, but it doesn’t quite match the books mentioned.

Lol, fair enough, fair enough. 

I mean, I don’t know if I’m recommending A Memory Called Empire necessarily, I’m just starting it. I wanted something really intricate to get sucked into again, like Priory, though this isn’t nearly as long, only 450 pages. Thanks, I’ll put Jane, Unlimited on my list.

Book? anon now, I guess? I usually don’t read very much either, but I’ve read Rook and Stiletto, and Poppy Jenkins too! I’ll be looking for Hellspark now, thank you! If you’re still in a reading mood, I’ve enjoyed these two series – A.J. Hartley’s Steeplejack series and Robert Bennett Jackson’s Divine Cities trilogy – not much romance, lots of great world building, mostly female protagonists, and pretty gnarly plots ?

Oh, heh. Then I guess you really do approve of my taste in books. 😛 And are you not angry-sushi shouter outer anon?

I’ve read Foundryside but I’ll put Steeplejack on my list. I’d forgotten for a second but I do have Arkady Martine’s A Memory Called Empire to read, I’d pre-ordered it and then put it out of mind but it was released a few days ago.

?‍♀️ There was your mini tag/reply review of the Priory of the Orange Tree and very recently? that reblog of the upcoming Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure book ?between you and dollsome, that one’s now on my list ?

Aww, anon, thank you, but I’ll stop putting you in the position of defending me, lol. I actually ended up finishing Priory last night because of your ask. 

Actually, if you are interested in what books I like, in between pausing and picking up Priory again, I reread The Rook by Daniel O’Malley, No f/f but no romance at all, if that helps. Also, Hellspark by Janet Kagan, same thing. I actually do have a books tag but those two are the ones I recommend first an always. For f/f, Poppy Jenkins, while being as different in tone and genre from Priory as a book can be, is lovely.

Trying to decide what to read now, since I’m still in a reading mood.

Hey sorry to bother you but where are you watching Skam España? I’m watching it on a webside that i found but it either doesnt have avery scene or i’m still not where you guys are. Is it season 1 or 2 you’re watching?

I’ve seen a few resources, although remember, it’s released first as clips and then an ep. – The altskams channel, it does have subtitles.

@skam-spain-translations also uploads them, with subtitles: [Vk] [Google Drive]

@skammovistarplus has whole ep subs

Hey do you know what ‘barbarena con yordi’ means on twitter? The original tweet is gone for some reason but everyone’s talking about it and I don’t speak much Spanish so I’m really lost.

Hmm. Don’t they pick like, different phrases/hashtags to try to trend them and often they have to do with specific publications or shows? Scrolling through the results for that one, I guess it’s the two of them with this person (con meaning with)?

I dunno if it’s a request to them or to him or a celebration of an interview being confirmed or what, though.