when i started watching star trek discovery, i thought at least michael a crush on prime philippa. then the narrative kept insisting their relationship with mother/daughter so i threw my hands in the air and said ig! and now when i watched that scene, i was all ??? this doesn’t read as platonic to me. it can’t be just me seeing things with my own two lesbian eyes (1/2)

(2/2) and speaking of michael and philippa, it was a bit annoying when they wrote michael saying “she was almost like a mother. almost like a sister” or similar idr exactly but it seems to me like the writers of discovery don’t know that women can love eachother without being family and still be platonic (or preferably not but we can’t have our cake and eat it)

Lol that you had to split this when the previous anon could ask something so much longer.

Lol, I REFUSED to buy into the momzoning. I loved Prime!Philippa in a non-motherly way and everyone else should have too! Like, when you think about it, kinda weird that women in authority positions are immediately framed as moms? Even freaking Janeway! She’s absolutely a maverick daredevil captain in the vein of Kirk but people still act like her role’s to be motherly to the crew? While men in the same position of the same age with the same temperament defffinitely aren’t.

But anyway, like, yeah, fine, if they tell me that the SAME UNIVERSE Michael/Philippa are mother/daughter, okay, okay, but I’m still gonna ship the cross-universe versions! Who are total strangers who clearly do not treat each other like mother and daughter at all?

AND THAT SCENE…like…those are romantic as any lines I’ve ever seen.


And that line in the toast, almost like a mother, almost like a sister, lol, the days are over where two unrelated women can have super strong bonds and not be familyzoned, now that the public knows f/f romance can exist. They have to include it to stop people going wait–are they? But tbh, I saw the writers as shrugging at it all now that they can, adding that friend line, because same as with the goodbye above, however people see it, that’s the last of them. It’s not something they have to worry about anymore.