Becoming More Visible

Becoming More Visible

so this is a fool quesiton, when making 2 columns of gifs, can each gif be 250px of width instead of 245px? i ask you ’cause you make beautiful gifsets

That’s a totally reasonable question. 245px is the max that will display for two to a row. If you make them wider than that, they’ll still be shrunk to 245px, and depending on the height they may display as still images until the user clicks. You will always have that 10px gap in the middle. Here’s a handy guide for what heights you can play around with (though the size limit is actually 2MB for 245px gifs).

And thanks! I don’t really do much beyond gif’ing random scenes, but thanks.

I don’t know if it’s Rachael Stirling or what, but Millie has so much chemistry with every female character.

Hi! Have you heard about hbo’s new show ‘Looking’, I’m kinda interested after seeing a UK trailer for it, however *sighs* I’m slightly apprehensive to touch it because its premise and look is very similar ‘Girls’ (I have no inclination to watch a show centered solely around ignorant white people EVER again), but I did see snippets of POC gay men in ‘Looking’s trailer and it gives me hope :/ Just wondering what your thoughts are?

Hi! Well, I have not tried Looking, it’s not really my kind of thing. I can understand the reluctance to get pulled into a new show that’ll disappoint but, sorry, I have no clue how it does in terms of diversity.