Something I find interesting about Marina is that both haven’t really had serious relationships. In one episode Carina’s brother teases her, says she knows nothing about relationships, and all she has is monthly flings’. And in s2 Dean says about the same to Maya. It’s interesting especially on Carina’s part how she got so caught up though. I wish we got more of them getting to know each other. The blizzard if it was a later ep, woulda been a great bottle ep ft carina like duh s19 writers!

Oh, that’s a great observation. Though I thought Carina and Arizona were kinda serious? I know so little about Carina’s romantic past, I thought she was the type to go for more regular relationships considering how hard she went in for Maya. But maybe it was just Maya, lol, “I’m not in the habit of fixing broken people”, *stays far beyond what anyone in the habit would have stayed*

Yeah, that blizzard ep would have been great for in-person Carina but I kind of loved what they ended up doing too. Guess we’ll see a lot more of them together now anyway!

What do you hunks in store for Pam and Ellen next season?

Well, I’m not sure! So much will depend on how the timeskip was handled. 10 years will have passed since where we left them and I don’t know if the show will have decided they get back together when Ellen comes back down or they spent all that time apart. 

Assuming that Pam is of course even in next season, I think she and Ellen will still be narratively circling each other, whatever other love interests each might have had in between. As much as I want them to have gotten together, I feel like the incredible sadness of them having spent the 10 years apart might may be glossed over for the increased dramatic value of a reunion onscreen. It’s easy to write that kind of pain when you don’t even have to show it.

For that same narrative value reason, I don’t think Ellen will have come out offscreen so there’s scope for that to happen this season. It would definitely be too early in terms of realism but this show is all about taking little things and making them into sweeping progress and I can see them turning the coming out of someone as wholesome and all American and popular as Ellen into an LGBT milestone and speeding up their acceptance. Surely their world isn’t going to wait till 2015 for gay marriage? 

I’m just not sure, I try to veer between what I want vs logic based on what we’ve seen and what the natural next step would be vs realistic pessimism, considering what we usually end up getting.

did you see the news about stefania getting promoted to a series regular on station 19? feels like a gift and a curse… more maya x carina but also more time for the writers to mess them up ? also not sure what an OBGYN would be doing on a fire fighter show… i’d like to see carina get developed as a character outside of just her relationship with maya.

Haha, you described my exact thought process when I found out. Like, oh, wow, that’s great! Good for her! But wait, what will Carina do? Literally, as you said, surely that means more Marina, but what’s she gonna be doing in a professional capacity? Will it mostly be personal? If so, that’s…ominous. Please, I’d much prefer a baby emergency every week. OTHER people’s babies, just to specify. >_>

Like, even if they continued as they did in spring, with her spending way more time on S19 than Grey’s, it was’t a lot of time in itself. And it was very one-sided. And I don’t even know how they’d maintain that much unless given a specific arc, I had thought maybe they’d get a bit of a breather. But as a series regular, surely she’ll get much more, and her own growth, but how? As I think we pointed out, she hasn’t even talked to any other character on S19 except Maya’s mom… 

So yeah, my first reaction was pleased, and the upside is certainly way higher, I literally have said, right, S19 already gives her way more screentime, let us have her, but lol, I didn’t really mean it! It was the kind of wishful thinking where it implied they give us tons of good Marina content too and somehow I’m not entirely confident in that. Grey’s has her job and her brother, who’ll have his own upcoming big arc. Maybe she’ll continue to spend more time on both shows, especially if they keep doing crossovers, and it’s just a formality which show she’s the regular on? I saw that Grey’s added two others, maybe S19 had more room for a new regular, especially to replace Andy’s dad. And Marina might end up with her “home” screentime so that made it easier? 

Anyway, heh, I’m certainly intrigued! Interesting times ahead.

Re: people’s concerns about JC coming back in S2 and playing the Jesus role I think he’s really already had that arc and fulfilled his narrative purpose and won’t come back. He literally saved Ava from drowning, gave her shelter, and food. Figuratively he saved Ava because it was due to her feelings for him that she made her first selfless act and tried to protect him from the tarrosk. It’s also why we no longer get voiceover after that point it’s no longer about her and what she feels and wants

Hmm, those are all pretty fair points and really, it could very well go like that even if it hadn’t been originally planned, considering who audience feedback. But, we know how reluctant TPTB are to listen to feedback they consider as niche as this, and I also don’t know if they’re really willing to just have no young good-looking guys in a full season. Or good guys in general, since obviously Vincent can’t be trusted.

Plus, the voice over stopped because they just realized they didn’t need it as a narrative device, according to Simon Barry, so it didn’t really have any deeper meaning than that. I can see it both ways, really, that some writer will be like, it’d be weird to not bring back a character so integral to Ava’s effective reintroduction to the world while other writers will agree that his purpose has been fulfilled.