So I decided to watch the new l word against my better judgment (Bc I actually really hated og tlw except for Carmen whom I loved) but it’s actually not as terrible as I thought it’d be. It’s bad in that there’s all the same predictable cheating plots and there’s still racism going on, but it’s way more diverse than the original l word & the POC aren’t walking stereotypes which is nice. Tbh it’d be better if they just launched it without Bette/Shane/Alice & focused on the new ppl/no cheating.

Idk why they’d keep that trio of original characters with the plots they’ve had them undergo in the meantime tho. I imagine it’s annoying to see them rehash same plots 10+ Yrs later, whether or not u liked them, esp wrt bette’s entire life falling apart. It def makes me feel old af tho Bc a character that was a baby is now 16yo & even tho I never watched tlw til it was on Netflix it’s crazy to think about how long it’s been lol. Sorry for random info u watch a lot of les tv so sharing it lol

Lol, I do watch a lot of les TV, so no worries.

But, no Bette/Shane/Alice and no cheating? I think if you do that, you may as well just ask for a new show completely, because isn’t that half of what it is? It’s actually interesting seeing so many really different reactions, running from “I don’t like the new characters” to “I only like the new characters”, I guess that means it’s doing what it set out to do, but one thing I have gotten from both versions is that this show is about Drama. And of course time has passed, so much, you’re not wrong there, but people are still attached to the original cast. There’s been some growth since, some regression, some stagnation, and that’s just people, right. As fictional characters, maybe there’s a familiarity and even comfort in watching them go through similar things as before. I would definitely get irritated at never seeing them progress enough to “win”, but I think that’s just a feature of these shows, and they’ve done all right, all things considered. I just don’t think either of those elements are going anywhere, if you want to keep watching the show.