2015 Resolutions

  1. Start learning to draw (work my way through…10? Sycra vids)
  2. Start learning a language other than Urdu
  3. Improve Urdu reading
  4. Complete 5% of the games in Steam library
  5. Log 20 hours on the Oculus
  6. Raise the percentage of femslash related stuff on blog to 20%
  7. Start calling them Mamie and Grace Gummer instead of Meryl Streep’s Kid and Meryl Streep’s Other Kid
  8. Support 5 Kickstarters
  9. Get a desktop
  10. Make fic database
  11. Complete 30 photoset/manip ideas (or really, finally start Faberry Week entries for real)
  12. Watch 5 Kdramas
  13. Review more fics
  14. Volunteer for AO3
  15. Stop feeling bad for not enjoying The 100
  16. Write and put up one fic

Do you know how tall sarah and Nina are (I know that’s a bit weird to ask)? I checked online and it says they’re the same height, but every time I watch Ltih, Sarah’s in heels and Nina’s in flats, but Nina is still taller.

Hmm. Yeah, I don’t…know. You’re right, it says 5’8 for both, Kate does usually wear flats, and does usually look at least the same height or taller.

I skimmed like the whole first season (which, thank you, that s01e05 scene…), and yeah, iunno, one or both height’s probably a bit off.

fic: searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before (lizzie bennet diaries; lydia/gigi)


Title: Searching For a Sound We Hadn’t Heard Before
Fandom: Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Pairing: Lydia Bennet/Gigi Darcy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 13286
Author’s Notes: I finally finished the fic I started summer of 2013. So basically I crush canon beneath the heels of my shoes. Part 1 of the 1989 Project which I am collaborating on with thecousinsdangereux, fiddleabout, and coffeesomemore to write a fic per song for Taylor Swift’s album.

Summary: The first word Lydia ever says to Gigi Darcy is “fuck”. Not because she’s trying to be a badass, and not because she’s trying to scare Gigi off. It’s mostly because Lydia is clumsy, and her pain threshold is low, and — those are the only reasons, really.

Or: Lydia and Gigi across America.