Maca and Barbara actually asked in the live to send in questions in English and they would answer in English! This time around I really didn’t get the vibe that people were pushy about them speaking in English. Barbie said she’s shy about it but maca kept reassuring her that she’s actually really good at it. I agree that it can get pushy when there’s so many people asking them, but I really think they know their audience is so wide that they want everyone to feel included and welcome

Ah, okay, I mean, for sure, they absolutely know so much of the fandom is international, and it can absolutely be a two-way thing where THEY want fans to feel more included, which is lovely. And like, I don’t think they hate having this diverse fandom army, I’m remembering the TVyNovelas awards, heh.

Anyway, I’m glad it isn’t a big issue and I don’t think anyone really thinks it is, they just want it to not becomes one. I feel like they do get that being more famous means stuff like this comes with the territory. But of course it’s on people to police themselves too and be respectful, being one of many doesn’t mean you can just say anything and assume it won’t be seen.

That’s one thing I’ve always liked about Barbara is that she’s always so honest in her answers. Albeit sometimes too honest! But she’s definitely come a long way in the past few years. Her willingness to learn and not taking things to heart or think the fans are attacking her (bc sometimes it can seem that way, it’s so hard to articulate online without sounding like you’re bullying someone to understand- not sure if that makes sense).

Yeah, I get what you mean! Her answers come across as something she puts a lot of thought into, not always what we wanted to hear, but it does make them seem more genuine. I mean, obviously she plays along quite often with the fandom, lots of banter, but when it’s something serious, it feels more respectful to trust the fandom to get where she’s coming from. And for sure, the amount she’s learned and grown through this is all is heartening. 

And it can definitely seem, even when people are mostly being nice, overwhelming when you’re getting told a lot of one thing and it’s all about how you got something wrong. Things were so heady in the early days, you can see, as with WN and TBH recently, when actors really appreciate that boost in attention and then it can start to feel like a lot. I think she’s understood now how she wants to engage with fandom and struck a healthy balance.

Hi, I have followed you since your post about TBH and I like that you share your opinion with others about any particular show that you have watched. So, I would like to recommend you to watch a Korean TV movie episode of 3 named SF8: Joan’s Galaxy. It is a sci-fi genre movie and little bit similar to San Junipero episode in the Black Mirror. I would really love to hear your opinion about this movie and hope other people will watch it too as I still cannot move on from this movie.

Oh, nice, and thank you! But I do have to say that a large part of why I loved San Junipero was because of its canon f/f nature, and the happy ending, without either of those I’d regard it quite differently. But I’ll add your show to the list, I do like an anthology. 

Do you ever think about the fact that Mei had one piece of Lu to keep with her (the slip of paper with “I love you” written on it), and that got taken away from her? Just something I personally think about a lot.

I didn’t! I didn’t even think about that. ;_; I was assuming she’d have other things of Lu’s but they practiced at Lu’s place, there’s no reason Mei would have taken anything else from there, she would never have thought she’d lose this. Gosh, in her little apartment, she must have felt so alone and even a little scared, cut off from everything, gossiped and whispered about, because of course the rumors spread so fast even freaking Jack heard them. 

She must have wondered what Lu would think after the CAPCOM position was replaced, whether she’d be worried or if the attraction of space and Mars together with time and distance would have put this thing with Mei behind her as some kind of temporary emotional fling. So glad Lu got through to her because it was absolute proof of her devotion, she could absolutely work out for herself the effort Lu would have put to get that one private call. And now she’s going to have to hold it close and live off of it for two and a half years…