You got the Gideon the Ninth ARC?? Have you finished reading it? ? I was kinda split on whether I should ask how it’s going because either way, I’m either gonna be ? in either feverish anticipation for 50?? days or sheer disappointment, but I guess I enjoy putting myself through this – what do you think of it so far??

I….may not have even started it yet. I’m sorry! I’m like you, anon! In the sense that I have such expectations for it, anyway. I just can’t bring myself to even read it. Either it’s going to be great and I’ll no longer be able to take it in for the first time or it’s not going to live up to those expectations.

I actually got it a while back, a couple of weeks before I got sick, and that was the middle of Ramadan so I was like, I can’t read this now, I won’t be able to SAVOR it as it should be. I need everything perfect! I figured as long as I was able to post a review some time in August, it’d be fine. And then of course after Ramadan ended I did start feeling not great. Again, I couldn’t read THIS book under those conditions (though I finished a few others).

But…I think now is the time. Partly because it’s almost August and partly because I ordered this box on Illumicrate (from whom I also got a signed version of Priory) so I need to figure out quicklike if I like it or not. I mean, on the strength of those first 8 chapters, it will have to really waste the setup and author’s skill to be disappointing enough where I don’t want it at all. But what if it doesn’t stick the landing or something? I dunno. I will let you know how I like it!

How are you? Are you feeling better?

Hey, anon, thanks for checking in. I do think I am doing better! Still not 100% and the new meds I started keep me pretty tired but a lot of the routine pain is gone. I’m slowly getting back in the TV watching and giffing groove. Currently trying to decide which of these to gif first: Grand Hotel, Shortland Street, Ambitions, Search: WWW, or Dead End. And then I’ll end up doing a trailer for something else completely, heh.

Also trying to get some book posts done soon, I hope. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend everything I’ve finished reading, but there were a few good ones in there I’ll do giveaways for. And Gideon the Ninth approaches! Guess who might have gotten an ARC~~~~

How’re you doing, anon?

1. I saw Juliantina is getting a movie and a series!!!!! I haven’t watched Amar a Muerte yet, but I’m always happy when other f/f fandoms get treated right. 2. Which brings me to my next point. Juliantina/AaM have been on my long list of things to watch, so where can I watch it? Tia

Thank you! This experience has already been so remarkable but this movie and series on the back of its f/f couple is just unprecedented. Especially when apparently the m/m spinoff of the other recent telenovela had started airing a little before, to low ratings? So you’d have almost understood if they decided to not go for a f/f project.

I’m so sorry for how long it’s taken me to reply to this, I do have a list here, but at this point, I would probably recommend just two sources: – This has all their early clips, including before Juliantina meet. When the subbed parts run out: – zeroty’s longer compilations. zeroty originally started putting up short, individual scenes from when Juliantina met as the show was airing and by the time it finished, there was a playlist of 300+ clips but you’ll probably find it more convenient to just watch the bigger chunks linked here.

And another anon:

Just want to say it’s thanks to bbcitas like you who helped make all this happen! Bringing Juliantina around the world — all my love from NYC

Aww, anon, this has been so validating and satisfying. Thank you!

Lawyers Menaka Guruswamy & Arundhati Katju, the face of historic Section 377 verdict, reveal they’re a couple

Lawyers Menaka Guruswamy & Arundhati Katju, the face of historic Section 377 verdict, reveal they’re a couple

Was Juliana a loner when she lived in Texas? There was never any mention of having friends or anything.

I reckon so, living like they did and as you said, at no point was she ever like, I want to talk to my Texas friends or at least tell them I’m okay. It seemed a lonely, isolated life for our Juls. And then, tbh, despite their very endearing and earnest efforts at it, she and Val seemed to have not much idea how to handle friendship, jumping into a very intimate and deep relationship like immediately. 

I think it was you who recommended Priory of the Orange Tree to your followers a while ago. If so: THANK YOU. It’s so good. It’s the first book in years that I haven’t been able to put down. I don’t think I’ve felt this way about a book since I was a teenager.

Ah, anon, I have no excuse for why I’m answering this so late, I could’ve answered it on the app any day, so…I’m sorry.

No problem! I’m glad it lived up to the hype for you! I wish I had others to recommend like it but honestly, it’s been a bit tough finding something with all the ingredients that made Priory so good.