just my humble 2 cents but like. i know ppl like to have wlw ships and happy wlw endings and those are wonderful things. but also queer ppl exist,,, outside of romance? if that makes sense. and can still have wonderful, rich, diverse stories and have that be great representation. like my life is not any less gay for not being in a gay relationship

That’s a totally valid way for you to look at media, anon, but I’ve got my way too. And I could say, well, it’s relevant how this discourse only seems to come up for same-sex and interracial couples, who’ve had to fight to exist and be represented, and the lack of media romance and happy endings for them is for a reason. Or that to have representation of characters with AND without romance/happy wlw endings, we kind of have to still have the happy wlw endings and we’re quite short on those. Or that we don’t have to be in real life what we want to see in fiction.

But none of that’s needed as a justification because at the end of the day, I like romance. I like happy endings. I want to see them. And that’s fair too, and for others who want that.