Impact is often the place where the efforts of the well meaning privileged can collide with the needs of the marginalized. Cliched as it might be to say, the road to hell is indeed paved with the good intentions of those who did not consider potential consequences. (via hillbillyplease)

I was glad to see this but made the mistake of reading the comments, which were pretty much all horrible. Don’t read them, but if you have a Guardian account, it’d be nice if you could add one in support of the author and her position.

And I want to try and convey to you, broadly, how you are hurting women and hurting your own art form, and how easy it would be to stop. Because right now you’re coming across like a bunch of entitled babies terrified of a few girls in your clubhouse—demanding that women be thick-skinned about their own rapes while you’re too thin-skinned to handle even mild criticism. It’s embarrassing.


anaramaparaiso replied to your post: “More on Structural Racism and Technology: The History and the Present of Photography”:

i had never thought about this, or the impact of racism even in the callibration of digital photography and its consequences… wow. mind blown. thank you so much. i have to go re-think every image i’ve seen, basically.
i’m glad to hear it! And I hope you keep in mind that intent isn’t a necessary component of racism.
It’s about habitual devaluation so ingrained that most people not affected by it, have literally never even thought about it.
And that is how it got this way.
Once you see it, you can’t UNSEE it.
And no, it doesn’t really go away, no matter how important you are.
All it really takes is thoughtlessness to exclude, misrepresent, and cause harm. It doesn’t take hate. It doesn’t take intent to harm.
Just thoughtlessness.
Which is why I encourage people to be thoughtful about everything.
Because all of this has EVERYTHING to do with why you haven’t seen a large portion of the artwork I post here.
It’s the same reason professors “shush” and silence their students.
It’s the same reason European Art History is the American “default” Art History.
Just think about it. Read the stuff, look at the pictures, and think about it for a while. For some of you this is old news and a part of everyday life. For others, it’s the first time it’s even occurred to you.
That’s why this blog.
How did we learn what we’ve learned? Why do we know what we know?
Why are Beethoven and Queen Charlotte white unless I can “prove” otherwise? Why is this “proof” necessary? What about our society makes it so important?


A HUGE thank you to all of you writers, readers, giffers, vidders, etc. for your fangirling, shipping, sharing, enthusiasm and love. Through your work, you transform characters and worlds from heteronormative, racist, sexist media products I have to wince through to get a few moments of joy, into rich, multi-dimensional characters and events and worlds I can root for and love. Thank you.