Clara is in love with Majo who is in love with her male toxic kidnapper. The show was obviously set up for Majo to be with the guy and to have this grand love story and Clarajo might be just queerbaiting for ratings which is gross to say the least.

Ohhh, I see. That’s disappointing indeed. i do get that these are shows under their own showrunners and networks don’t really control decisions at this level, but still, considering the positive exposure and media praise they were getting for multiple ships last year, pretty sad.

They are called Clara and Maria José or Majo and i’m generally flabbergasted at the audacity of Televisa doing this knowing how vocal and great Juliantinas were, i know this always happens but still this is where we should channel our anger instead of against our own who try with all they have to give us what big studios don’t. I think Mexican fans could tell it was a disaster that’s why they didn’t try to promote it.

Hmm, yeah, I see a few clips for them but nothing in English but what exactly is happening that’s so bad?

To take you away a bit from the Happiest season mess, did you hear about the new “ship” from Televisa? I put it in brackets cause damn i’m disappointed i thought the network has learned from Juliantina and will only progress from there, i guess i was wrong.

Thank you for the distraction? Heh, but tbh, I’d actually welcome external homophobia at this point instead of our own community.

And no, I hadn’t heard of anything! That’s really disappointing because exactly, all the things Juliantina did and achieved and this? Aside from it just being mean to do poor rep? But what are the details exactly? And we do have to remember (look at things in the US community right now…) that these things do tend to advance and then go back a step and so on, the end result still being forward prorgress.

Remember this cool ass cover?

I read the available preview and liked it enough to once again chance an ARC request and got approved! 

While there is a part of me going hmm at this North African-inspired fantasy also having white colonialism run rampant, I’m assuming (and hoping!) that breaking free of that will be the triumphant endgame, so really looking forward to it. Aside from just how incredibly hot the lead looks above, lol.

I wish I could come out. I literally have never dated anyone and I’m 25. I’ve had crushes on guys openly and girls lowkey and have considered myself bi since I was 16 and questioning but as I get older I seem to be leaning more towards girls lol. And I feel like at the rate I’m going I’m never going to be able to have the love I want. My dad being homophobic and a trump supporter. And most people in my country is against lgbt, I just feel so trapped.. sorry to bother just needed to let it out

I’m so sorry you’re feeling like that, anon, and please don’t feel like you’re a bother! You can vent or say whatever whenever you want, including in my messages, I’ll always respond when I can, you wouldn’t be bothering me.

As for your actual circumstances…yeah, buddy, it sucks. We’re not closeted for the fun of it! I wish you could come out too, and maybe one day you can, or at least just to the people who matter? As they say, it’s something that happens again and again, coming out to friends, to love interests, that doesn’t mean you have to be out to family. And whatever people are saying right now, there are people who won’t demand that you be fully out, who’ll understand your circumstances.

But you know, don’t think that you’ve run out of or are running out of time. Aside from it never being too late, 25 is not old. And actually, there are way more 25 year olds with no dating experience than you’d think, in general, but in a conservative area, and especially in the LGBT community, because of how the closet delays our social lives by so much, you know? You’re not like, behind the curve or something, or alone in wanting to find someone but can’t right now, most likely there are others in your environment who share what you’re going through.

Obviously the pandemic is making things even tougher, but you still have a chance when things ease, you may be able to find someone. Just try to be careful about it, as I know you already are, but your safety’s the most important thing here.

Wow I am baffled by people’s reaction to happiest season. I understand your sadness, this discourse is so hard to read :( Was not expecting this. I was talking to a friend the other day about why they decided on another in the closet/coming out story. But based on people’s reaction I stand corrected, those are obviously still needed….

Yeah… You know, the irony was, I wasn’t even that excited about it, when it was announced, I literally posted this:

And then I ended up thinking it was great! What an idiot I was. I wish now I hadn’t watched at all and just stayed away from it completely.

I don’t know if it’s needed, it’s certainly not effective. And people can say, all they want, how it’s because of Harper’s actions, because apparently they’re somehow decontextualized from her being closeted?, because in this situation THEY would never lie or briefly be a dick (and apologize), they would never put someone in this situation that apparently they had no choice to refuse, that basically, it’s Harper they find unsympathetic, not closeted people in general. 

Even though we can see the comments they make that kind of DO apply to closeted people in general! Oh, she’s cowardly but in a different way from us? She doesn’t deserve love but in a different way from us? That out people are better in general, more confident, mature, but only when we’re talking about fictional characters?

But you know what the rub of it is. I’ve been really deep in some fandoms with closeted characters, who were as sympathetic as they claim Harper should have been. Jade from The Rich Man’s Daughter, who attempted suicide and who was slapped around by her family? Rana from Corrie who was shaking and sobbing and humiliated when her parents found out? I saw how they were treated. I saw how people treated Sophie from Batwoman. I don’t want to hear about this perfect closeted person who behaves like an angel, as if they themselves aren’t the biggest victim of the homophobia around them.