ok but doesn’t the 10pm-5am curfew in Baltimore mean that everyone other than the police working the night shift is now out of work for the week? like how are u going to financially affect tens of thousands of ppl by making it a criminal offense to be outside in the city their tax dollars pay to upkeep?? this is literally the definition of systematic oppression like ur racism is transparent as fuck fuck y’all

so apparently the deal is if you’re out past the curfew, you must have documentation from your employer that states that you’re on your way to or from work. my parents will occasionally talk about when they were living under the marcos dictatorship in the philippines, and one of the first things they usually mention is a curfew that was really similar to this. so word, this curfew system is not only racist n classist as fuck, it’s also a policy that’s reminiscent of a paramilitary state.