Barbara and Maca are sweet for answering stuff in English, but tbh I get irritated af at people’s entitled insistence that they speak English. Ppl can be so rude about it online and it’s so obnoxious. AAM is in Spanish. It’s been translated w English subtitles by lovely people, but it really makes me feel some type of way to see English speakers demand that they speak English (I kno u & others aren’t demanding it, I’m commenting only on rude ones I’ve seen) esp in this moment.

Aww, yeah, that does suck. I guess I assumed it was mostly people requesting it but for sure, the more there are, the more overwhelming and like an instruction or demand it seems. Even if people aren’t from countries where English is the main language but it’s the overlap language they can understand, they can hope the fans translate and if not, just, that’s not for us then. 

Like, that really weighty question about how to be respectful as straight allies, which, I understood the answer precisely because they answered in English and I really did like their response, but it was clear they struggled a bit finding the right words to convey these very precise, sensitive sentiments and it was a bit unfair on them, in that sense.

I don’t really know how to resolve it, though, each fan is acting as an individual, they just want to understand and communicate and in turn, Barb and Maca want to please them. It’s not like that person asked that the response be in English (I don’t think, anyway), so. I guess, just, be cognizant of the situation and dynamics and be respectful. 😡

The barbarena live was crazy, they were number 1 on the trending topics in Mexico, number 8 in the world and trended in 42 countries total. All that with one day notice. They still got it, which is amazing giving how long it’s been.

Oh, wow, I hadn’t realized that about Twitter. Where WAS I when it was happening, honestly, I seemed to have missed it totally until the anon sent me the ask. Well, I guess I was here on Tumblr. D: But yeah, like, the fandom is just hibernating, they’d so awaken if there was legit new content. 

You know what was a “cute if you catch it” moment? Sterling pretty much crouching against that wall in the laser tag room so she was the same height as April when they kissed. I am a sucker for height difference.

Aww, I didn’t notice that!

Aw, she’s just like, braced against the wall to stay that low for a lengthy period of time. I don’t really care about height differences in the sense that, like, I prefer them, I’m fine either way, but they’re still adorable! Especially when the shorter one is way more the scarier one. The second season should make use of a reversal, with like, I dunno, stairs or a desk or something. 

I’m glad I follow you because had I not know where TBH is going, I wouldn’t have made it through the opening without knowing it wasn’t just super hetero the whole time.

And another anon:

I just wanted to thank you for the Teenage Bounty Hunters rec, I saw your gif posts and was curious. It was a revelation. I binged it in one day, the show is completely off its rocker its actually refreshing. Thank you!

I’m glad you gave it a chance! I liked it a lot, the humor, the love, the f/f.

I really wish there was a way I could alert y’all to new f/f without giving it all away in the gifset, it’s a fundamentally different experience not knowing who it’s gonna be or how it unfolds! 

Ok but my favourite moment between them is the phone call when Sterling says she’s not coming to school. The whole exchange is just for freaking adorable.

It isssss. It’s so them, April is written so distinctively and she is just, like, aside from the Christian thing and the closeted thing, SO intense and extreme. Truly Paris Gellar if she’d been born in Atlanta. The way she jumps from not wanting to get sick to being afraid Sterling is a Slacker (and probably rethinking their relationship–she can be with a girl but not with…a bad student) and then thinking Sterling’s told Blair who reacted badly and just running away forever. What a kid! I love her. 

But I especially love how Sterling just calmly responds to each escalation, knowing how to deal with April. It’s a representation of the best part of their dynamic, where April expresses concern in her own super intense way, Sterling understands where she’s coming from and reassures her, and goshhh, the whole prolonged goodbye. I can’t blame April for getting carried away, it was the sweetest thing ever. At that point, they both really thought this was going to carry well into the future and were settling in.

As much as i hate it, i feel like if we do get a second season, the truth about april knowing the twins brought their dad in is gonna be like another last episode cliffhanger and possibly “undo” much of the pining thats gonna build throughout the entire season

Ugh, I knowwwww. Surprisingly, they saved some pretty major revelations for next season and while I don’t know when the parents will find out they’re bounty hunters (that might just last throughout the show, like Clark Kent’s secret identity), Sterling’ll sexuality’ll be revealed to her parents at some point so we can process through a coming out, possibly bad reaction and all, but the s1 finale really set up April finding out next season. The dad’ being out means he’s going to make a move and if he does, April’ll find out at some point. 

Unfortunately, it really would be exactly the kind of drama I expect from TV shows, for them to finally work their way through their current obstacles only for this next huge one to pop up. It’s not just that they turned him in, April hates people lying to her SO MUCH, especially the people who love her, and Sterling offering her sympathy about her dad multiple times and having done this? She’s gonna be SO MAD. The show’s not gonna get that out of the way early on, right, not when it can milk it for extra drama. 😡