do u think Vera loves her job? for someone who lives by appearances, the fashion world can be a good refuge

Hmm, that’s a interesting question. I think she is genuinely interested in it and, as you said, she’s so image-conscious it works out well. But is that what’s best for her? The Vera we saw at the beginning wasn’t happy at all but worse, she took it out on her coworkers. That wasn’t a person who loved her job. But that’s more to do with her, I guess, she’d be like that anywhere.

If you keep her interest and eye for it, and if she changes how she approaches people, she could come to love it. Even though her coworkers justifiably called her out for her bullying, they still seemed shallow and self-involved and I think she genuinely likes all that, the affectations, expensive things, the one upmanship. She even loved those blouses they bought. As long as she’s not hurting people, I think that is still the world for her. She’s not going to come of this so different she’s going to become, like, a social worker.

It’s crazy bc the last place you want to be is NYC. Even the White House (I know they’re a bunch of idiots lol) told ppl to self quarantine for 14 days after you leave New York. The amount of cases there is pretty alarming. Anyways I hope she stays safe. Some people are dropping their guard with the virus but it’s just started.

For sure, which makes me wonder why you’d head there unless you had a good reason. And as the experts keep saying, when nothing’s happening, people will feel like they’re doing all this for no reason and venture out again, which will undo all the work done.

And another anon:

Her actions do not match her words. The pandemic had already been declared and I remember her posting being out and about with many friends, even going as far as jokingly making Corona references. Sadly, just goes to show she’s just as out of touch as any other privileged celebrity. The same rules don’t apply to the rich and famous. That is a fact. And we need to start making them accountable for it rather than blindly idolising them.

Ah, if that’s true, that’s not so good. A lot of people were taking it so lightly early on. Hopefully she’s following the rules more strictly now that NYC is such a hot zone. 

Hey just wanted to say that I’m actually glad you’re not a stay in one fandom forever. It’s refreshing, I’m like the same and love to actually switch content all the time. So you know thanks to you I get to discover new things all the time!

Aw, thanks! I do like that difference myself. Even when I’m posting old stuff, I like to vary it up.

You know I sometimes do shake my head at my clearly last-first mindset, even right now, I’m like, so I’m just gonna ignore Killjoys, El Embarcadero, and Desenfrenadas?? My so-called faves? So fickle! But at the same time, aside from how much I like watching and discovering new things, even if I were to stay in just one fandom, which would it be? It wouldn’t have been Juliantina. If I’d still been focused on finishing everything before moving on, I’d probably never have even gotten to them. 

I do wish I could manage my time better, but I think my current approach is better than the alternative.