how excited are you about carol?

Anon! Okay, so you asked this a little while back and I didn’t want to be a downer and go all “not all that much?”, because, well, I dunno, even though it’s been on my dash for more than a year and I love Cate Blanchett, I just wasn’t really feeling it? I know what the book stands for, that happy ending, what it did at the time and for decades to come, but…eh? When I tried it, I ended up mostly just skimming through, dismissing it as something raised to classic status because of the ending and the author. The first pics and interviews and stills and eventually the trailer itself didn’t prompt more than a “that’s nice, everyone is so happy :)”.

I thought I could leave it at that, enjoy it vicariously, watch it myself some day to see a piece of history. It’s huge, I get it, the budget, the cast, the quality, the reviews, the possible repercussions for WLW movies in the future. That part, I’d totally absorbed, as well as the joy and disbelief on my dash.

But. BUT. Anon, the smutty gifs did nothing, the book quotes did nothing, I just kept on seeing #1 fan @eaudecarol​‘s posts and kept on liking them and then bam, I saw this one: I…I dunno, it’s like a switch turned on, suddenly that just resonated. And now I’m totally into it? For its own sake, not just what it means. I even went back and reread the book and swooned over the ending. It’s so romantic and it’s queer ladies and it’s good and it’s everything we’ve been wanting. Can you grow to love something by osmosis? I can’t quite explain it myself. I’m even picturing them when I listen to songs now, it’s so weird! But to answer your question…very. 🙂

Dammit, world, we can’t even collectively sit and try to hypnotize ourselves into forgetting the most awkward moment ever because you have to go and be racist. Wtf. Stop it.