Juliana is alone. But Valentina is alone too. Valentina is alone in the middle of all this people. Sergio left, Mateo support her but she doesn’t know it. I wonder why with all the staff she has lucho always enter and get her. And worst, the ones she thought were friends did that thing on social media. My babies are alone and they didn’t felt alone when they where together.

I know this was sent some days back but it’s even truer now! You’re so right, anon. 

Val could tell Guille because she guessed he’d react well (they’d already had the convo about how it’d be okay if either was gay, clever Val floating that idea early on) but also because his rejection wouldn’t crush her, not the way Lupe’s would for Juls. Val doesn’t have anyone like that anymore, he just died and honestly, even when he was alive, he wasn’t there for her. Jacobo’s support is minuscule, it’s nice but she doesn’t know it’s her father offering tentative approval. 

All her family members see her suffering but think her grief is like their own, something they’ve already handled, everyone’s too focused on their own things to make the effort to reach out. Say what you will about Lupe, at least she keeps on making an effort to reach out to Juls (though occasionally making things worse with her mindset).

And god, “with friends like these…” could not be more appropriate. I hope the breakup’s over soon, they need to be back with each other.

could someone give the sparknotes version of the homophobic interview? I don’t understand Spanish that well :((

@clara222 has kindly offered a summary, though while in Spanish, goes through Google translate pretty well. 


Better than me who can’t at all. 😮

Does anyone have a summary of the interview?

I’ll give you a summary in Spanish of what they said because I read that you understood Spanish: (I understand English but I do not speak it, we are alike haha). They start the interview talking about how important it is to normalize homosexual relationships and suddenly the interviewer says that it seems good, but that they do not do it during the children’s time, because they are very influenced and she talks about the scenes they had in the Valle’s house were for “adults”.

Barbara replies that her scenes are much softer than the other protagonists (straight couples).

They talk about people now falling in love with the person and they ask Barbara if she could fall in love with a woman. She replies that she is very much in love with her partner and that now she would not look at anyone but him. But what could it be, you never know.

They ask her how it was to kiss a woman and she responds that she was nervous but just like when it was her turn to kiss an actor, for her it is the same. But the interviewers continue to begrudge her to say that she felt something and Barbara says no and tries to get out of the uncomfortable moment in which they are getting her.

They also ask about how the boyfriend and his father saw her and Barbara responds that they saw her as normal. They also ask her if she has many gay friends and she says yes, but that it is not the same to be a friend of someone gay than to live it and that thanks to this story she has realized what a homosexual person lives.

Thanks so much for this, although we aren’t the same, I can’t understand anything, you’re far ahead of me.

Uh, huh. Yeah, I can see why people are not happy about this. I’m a little pissed myself. The whole “think about the children” aspect again? THIS is why I’m so happy about every kiss and moment we get, even the first pool kiss and the totally censored sex scene. Look what they’re battling against. When you look at the scenes the m/f couples get and then THIS is what children have to be protected against. 

Interviews like this do, I think, serve as a reminder that the Mexican LGBT community are the main…consumers? of this show. The rest of us international viewers are spectators and of course it’s ours to enjoy and even criticize, but we should be mindful of who the real audience is. This is about and affects their actual environment.

And then trying to make it all salacious and dig into Barbara’s own reactions. Gross. It’s why, so far, I think the actresses do deserve a lot of praise for how they’ve handled this. There’s such a difference in knowledge and awareness and culture, even the vocabulary is different. They could make a lot more missteps than they have and I still wouldn’t judge outside of their intentions.

1/2 when i came out to my single brazilian chatolic mother, she was fine with it. she was okay with me being myself and being happy, even with the religious background. i was about to move to europe at the time, and when i asked her if she would come visit me, and be okay to meet any potential girlfriends there, she said yes. she seemed very happy with me leaving though, which made me sad. i was thinking maybe it was because she wanted to get rid of me, but couldnt kick me out

2/2 one day, i found her crying in the living room. i asked why, and she said a friend had told her about this guy who got beaten up for being gay. and then she said, this is why she was happy i was leaving soon. she was ok with me being gay, just not in our small city, because she feared for me. like any mother she just wanted me safe and healthy. i think i see a lot of my mom in lupe, i’d be in character with them being in the run, not wanting even more reasons for juliana to be targeted

Ah, that’s heavy, anon. Sorry you two had to go through that and thanks for sharing a personal story.

I think you could be right. Lupe’s been shown to be so loving and they really are having a tough time, that might be her approach to it.

The interesting thing about this show approaching this from such a fresh and thorough perspective is that they’re showing a lot of things UK/US media doesn’t much include anymore. Outright disgust, “I’m fine with it as long as it’s not my family”, “she’s had boyfriends, she can’t be gay”, “you’re confused, it’s a phase”, and now like you said, possibly “I’m not homophobic, I’m worried for you”, which is of course still not something wants to hear when in that vulnerable place, as if we ourselves aren’t aware it’s dangerous.

Hey can you help us? Tv y novelas Mexico, a Mexican magazine just made a poll to vote for a lot of things about Mexican tv. The thing is that Barbara, Macarena, and a lot of the amar a muerte cast and stuff were nominate. I got the fact that we can vote on the web and is not block for another countries. We could help for Barb and Maca to win

Oh, sure. https://www.tvynovelas.com/mx/

Barbara is under 

Mejor Actriz Juvenil and Macarena under Mejor Actriz Co Estelar if people just want to scroll down, I don’t believe you have to vote for every category.

I also voted for Angelique and Claudia. >_>

I truly think Luna didn’t do it but I think proving her innocence is gonna be one of the main plots from this season. I only hope Joanna believes her and Molly is there for her…poor Luna she deserves the world and Molly too, they have suffered too much btw is Molluna their ship name? I thought they didn’t have one.

Ah, sorry for getting to this so late. Oh, I didn’t know if Molluna was their name, but the other anons used it, so, I guess so.

The good thing about answering this so late is that I was able to get to the next episode. I believe her! She didn’t do it. This was one of our theories, right, that she’d left and then somebody else came in. It’d have to be that, once we saw it wasn’t self-defense. 

Man, there was this one moment when Joanna thought Gerrilyn had done it and forced her way in to see and my hackles went up, she’s really going to break the law to go confront her dad’s victim? But yeah, phew, she settled down and I think…well, at first blush, she immediately went into protective sister/lawyer mode, but I think she’ll have doubts. She and Molly (who immediately threw a bag together to go to her girl ^_^) will probably waver through the season. Gerrilyn either never will or will be like, whatever, he deserved it, get my daughter out!

do you think juls is really gonna go to Val’s house and try and save her from sicarios??? is this real life????? this is the highkey angst of my dreams

You know, I was caught up in the craziness of the last few minutes and the promo, and thought maybe, but after seeing the second promo (where there’s a whole shootout with the cops there too), I don’t know if there’s a place for her there in that kind of drama. And really, what could she do? She doesn’t know about the way to sneak in and even if she did, she’s not going to be able to deal with men with guns.

I just want her to be there to comfort Val after it’s all over.

VAL u GAY DISASTER u r seriously picking up the phone IN THE MIDDLE OF A HOSTAGE SITUATION lmao what is wrong w u ??? those men have a GUN it’s a VIDEO CALL there’s no way to hide it ????. I can’t w her. But on the other hand, if she thinks she’s about to die the last thing she wants to see is Juls’ face so like honestly??? I get it.

You know what, when you put it like that? Same. 

I genuinely CANNOT understand WHAT was going through her mind. Uh-oh, last time I didn’t pick up, she broke up with me, I gotta take this no matter what. Was she still mildly drunk and just…forgot about the MEN. WITH. GUNS?

I really want to know what Lucia’s reaction was to it all. The facepalm to end all facepalms, I’m sure.