Almost family is a trainwreck of a show and I’m not sure why I’m still watching. Prolly 95% Bc I think Edie is gorgeous, but also Bc there’s nothing really good on tv that I look forward to watching rn so this is kind of comfortably bad? Like I can’t really be disappointed in it Bc I already know it’s a complete mess so I’m just like eh let’s see what happens next lol.

I am 200% watching for Edie and her outfits and chemistry with Amanda, because I have not learned your zen, anon, and actually get like, angry. I’m just constantly like, why you are acting like that? Why would you say that? When were we supposed to pick up this sudden new development you’re acting like was implied at all before this moment? And most of all, why are they acting like we should sympathize with the dad??

I know we focus a bit on Ellen on For All Mankind, but there’s a scene in latest episode that cracked me up so much. When Ed, Gordo, and Danielle are reacting Bob Newhart lol

Lmao, yes! I actually really loved that, and was trying to figure out a way to gif in parallel to watching it on screen. For a while, everything was going all right on Jamestown and it was just so charming and absurd and lovely to see. These incredibly educated, smart, brave humans sitting up there on the moon, acting out and laughing at a sitcom ep. And the fact that even Ed and Dani were into it, who tended to be more serious at times, all of them giddy and acting like children. I was so mad at NASA for not sending up more tapes! If they had any idea what they were going through…