I never really watched charmed just kinda kept up w niko but I’m super confused.. I thought she lost memory of Mel and Mel was with jada and now I see niko recognized her and they kissed but nikos getting married to someone else???? Also super excited for atypical to come back!!!

Oh boy, you’re still back in the first season? Hmm…I don’t think she recognized her, I think that came from something else, Niko’s following up on a job and Mel happened to be part of it. Even when they kissed, it was more like, oh, I’m drawn to you for some reason, she hadn’t remembered.

And only 13 days left now!

Hi! Have you heard about Willow and Alex on Home and Away? :)

Hi, anon! I have! I think they’re really cute and I do have them on my list to gif, they’re just always getting pushed down by everything that ends up airing after. If you have any particular scene requests, I’d be faster with that than how I am right now, where I’m still trying to decide where to even start.

Is terminator gay? :D

I sure hope so!

But I don’t think it is, no. Heh. Imagine seeing those three words together and it being a legit possibility. But no, I think we’d know by now if it had been.

Thank you for doing gods work and gifing grace and dani

Not even joking when I say it is my absolute pleasure. 🙂 

They’re so giffable. They’re hot and always about each other, this is my dream movie. Even when Sarah’s calling Grace a machine and Grace is all being offended, we get a little moment of Dani reacting too. 


And their stances here, with Grace standing protectively in front of her, with Dani accepting that Grace is the most trustworthy person around, even when Sarah just saved them too.

And a couple of other gifs I couldn’t really find a proper full post for: