I watch the last terminator movie. i am so disappointed, there is no romance or anything else about grace and dani. maybe it is my fault because i believe there will be a romance between these two.

Aw, I’m sorry, buddy. Yeah, I dialed my expectations way back. In fact, I hear that even some of the more subtexty shots from the trailer weren’t in the movie or they used a different cut. It’s definitely disappointing because it’s SUCH an obvious redo of the first movie, there’s no reason to not go there all the way except…you know. 

We’re in such a strange time where people act like we’ve achieved all these milestones and if we celebrate an actually new one or say we want more, they’re like, uh, it’s normal now, why do you have to call attention to it or how much more do you want. But we’re not getting that much! And every time you think, it’d be so perfect here, maybe there’s a chance it’ll happen, look at the strides we’ve made, and then you realize, no, they’re not gonna got here for Elsa or Terminator or even SC. 

We’ve made a lot of progress but we’re still lagging so far behind. I remember the older days in f/f when it was mostly subtext and fan driven content, and that’s why I’m still going to enjoy this for what it is, but I’m sorry you couldn’t. Maybe it’s cool that we’ve come to a point where our expectations and standards are higher? But I’m sorry we raised your hopes to the point where you were so disappointed, anon.

SPOILER ALERT. I had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of two episodes of Dickinson and it in my opinion fully delivers with content.

Ooh, fancy! And awesome, that’s great to hear. I’m still torn between which show to focus on first, so much is being released tomorrow, but I think it’s gonna have to be Dickinson and Atypical first. 

Does anyone know if it’s going to be all of Dickinson or just the first three eps? Seeing different things in different places.

A historical thing just happened in my city



In this photo you see the recently elected mayor of Bogota kissing her senator girlfriend Angelica Lozano. Claudia Lopez is the first woman ever to be elected mayor of Bogota, the capital of Colombia and the second most important electoral vote in the country. She’s far from being the perfect politician, she’s had a really hard campaign against corruption, and time and time again people have mistook her strong political voice as female hysteria. But today, in a country with a heavy catholic and conservative society, the new mayor of the biggest city in the country, is not only a woman, but a proud and out lesbian woman.    

fic: no strings to bind your hands (eve/villanelle)


no strings to bind your hands – Killing Eve; Eve/Villanelle; 1,500 words. Eve and Villanelle dress up for Halloween.

Read it: [AO3]

“Isn’t this a little on the nose?” Eve says. “I mean, totally backwards. But also on the nose.”

“What do you mean?” Villanelle demands.

Eve surveys their reflections in the smudged hotel room mirror. When they’d been hired to take out a mark at Prague’s hottest costume party on Halloween, she hadn’t thought much about the costume part. She was puzzling out a way to kill a shitty rich powerful man and make it look like an accident.

(Un)fortunately, her partner has costumes covered.

Eve has been trying to get Villanelle to understand the beauty of a budget. Now that they’re a freelance assassinating-shitty-powerful-men team of two, they can’t Marie Antoinette their way through Europe anymore. She’d been so busy trying to find a hotel that was cheap while not crossing the line all the way over to You might get murdered in your sleep here! that she’d forgotten to tell Villanelle not to go fucking nuts on costumes.

To be fair, that’s on Eve. Villanelle has never been able to resist a costume. Eve knows this.

Right now, Villanelle is dressed in endless folds of white tulle with a pair of fluffy wings on her back and a Beyonce-style halo crown headband that makes her face look like the center of the sun. (Looking at her face is kind of like staring into the sun anyway: irresistible, likely to cause irrevocable damage.)

Meanwhile, Eve is wearing a slinky red dress that she never would have glanced at twice on her own. Way too Jessica Rabbit. Her headband has two little red devil horns on top, each horn covered in sparkly red rhinestones. (God, they’d better be rhinestones.) Her hair falls down past her shoulders. Villanelle insisted, of course.

“It’s classic,” Villanelle says, slinging an arm over Eve’s shoulders like they’re posing for a picture together.  “Good versus evil.”

Eve snorts. “And you’re good?”

“Obviously,” Villanelle says, and blows a kiss to her own reflection.