One of the few movie scenes I will NEVER get tired of watching.

Just…look at it! Keith and Amanda running out, having defeated Hardy and now they’ve won and they’re just totally on an adrenaline high and for a second have completely forgotten about Watts and then Keith sees her and she just waves hopelessly because she saw what happened but he realizes and the music thumps in acknowledgment and she still completely doesn’t get it but Amanda does and everybody in the audience can’t stop grinning because we all know what’s going to happen.



Teaching people to pity the bastards that make them feel scared to death on their way to school every day. Fix this shit, Glee. Fix this fucking piece of shit you are shoving down my throat.


Somebody wanted a download to that layered version from the last post, so here it is. If anybody wants a version that isn’t so jarring and short, this is the same thing except with the beginning left untouched and allowed to continue until both parts end, so it’s longer (which…just as planned). Download here, but buy the original on iTunes, please. It’d be incredible if this was the song that hits #1.

I’m completely inept at audio editing and manipulation so I almost don’t want to taint this song with my efforts except it’s so good I could probably put roosters crowing over it and it’d still be gorgeous. People have pointed out that Lea and Dianna’s mics were probably adjusted to be more balanced but I’m sorry, what? I couldn’t hear you over the nonstop IFP/U.

Interesting tidbit: the original lyrics on that part are “My outsides look cool, my insides are blue” and that’s what Quinn goes with. Rachel sings “My outsides are cool”. That makes me want to hug both of them.

I don’t care about the setting. This song is forever Faberry.


Two separate sections of IFP/U on top of each other.

Those first 10 seconds? Are Lea and Dianna singing separately. And they harmonize that well together. There’s no one telling Lea to tone it down and Dianna’s still completely holding her own. Blown away, y’all.