Hi! Just wondering, have you been keeping up with Burden of Truth? I think the premise is interesting and so far, the storylines got me hooked, and Molly and Luna have great chemistry, and the show doesn’t shy away from the fact that Luna is Native American. So far, I’m starting to love how Joanna and Luna are bonding together.

I’m one ep behind (or two, by now?). And yeah, you’re right, it actually improved a lot from the first ep! I started liking it enough to be like, but where’s the next episode, but there was that weird long hiatus…which I’m only realizing now was probably for the Olympics. 

And definitely the more Luna, the better. Similarly to how I was surprised at STDisco’s “twist” in bringing back Philippa and now Counterpart’s amazingly increased role for Clare, I didn’t expect what seemed to be a minor WOC role to be as important as it turned out to be, and the way they increased it was great! That last ep was fantastic overall, and I actually looked up Luna’s actress to learn more about her and was pleased with the show for not hiring somebody who wasn’t Native American. Molly and Luna are definitely super cute, and if you remember my tags from the first ep, I was actually very protective of Joanna, so I’m happy she’s getting to be happy.