Hi so I’m the anon that mentioned that they would probably drop the trailer for THOI next week, so waking up to it this morning was a happy surprise. Having just seen it and not knowing anything else. I’m assuming that they are focusing more on the platonic friendship and less on the F/F. Which honestly I like because like you mentioned on a post it’s about finding an ally in small town America and crushing on the same person, which is something that happens all to time to friends.

Cont. of date anon, As well as I’m not sure how many people remember Sierra Burgess is a big loser. But it kind of dealt with the same topics of helping another person get their crush. And after it came out people had an issue with it, because while we like to imagine it as a cute story you tell later in life. It is actually a person being misled and lied to about who they thought they knew and realistically I don’t think in RL any type of relationship would work out.

Last part. I think I believe Ms. Wu realizes this as well. Like you mentioned there is not a whole lot of happy W/W romcoms out there and to create one based on a lie doesn’t seem like a thing she would do. I would prefer if they built up the friendship between Elie and Paul and used it as a way to show that starting a relationship off with a lie doesn’t help anyone and by putting Aster on a pedestal they don’t really learn about the real her.

I’m so sorry it took so long to reply, especially since we have an ongoing correspondence. 😛 Now it looks silly when I say “Yay! You got your trailer early”, because it’s almost two weeks after. D:

Yeah, it does look like it’ll be more about the friendship and coming of age and her identity as a second-gen Asian American in a small town. 

I…don’t remember anything about Sierra Burgess is a Loser, which I had to google just now. I honestly haven’t seen any of these, I just know vaguely that one is about a tall girl and one is about a kissing booth, one of course is TATBTILB which was ALL over my dash. I had no idea that people had an issue with it, I feel like there’s a lot more leeway given to romcoms and of course movies in general that people wouldn’t tolerate in real life, but it doesn’t surprise me that people point out objectionable things more now.

But anyway, in this case, I get what you’re saying about how this relationship works (or doesn’t), but I don’t even think that needs to be said. It’s not as if the premise was the actual obstacle to a relationship, if it were, she could have just written a different one. It’s just not the focus, dearth of f/f romcoms or not, this wasn’t intended to be one and then changed because she realized it didn’t work, it was just never meant to be that. And that’s totally fine.