About Vida, I loved the first season but I couldn’t keep watching after they wrote out (and I still don’t know why) Cruz. I really liked her and she and Emma were so cute together :(

I like her too, there wasn’t much of her but I thought they’d flesh that out in the second season, not write her out completely, heh. 

And I know that I get really attached to the first love interest and that’s just not really tenable the more canon f/f we get in dramas, with their lack of endgame, but still, it was more how they treated her that bothered me. Even in the first season, the difference between her and Johnny was apparent, but I’d have handled a breakup better if we’d seen them try at it and just not be a good fit and not, you know, because the writers so clearly wanted to move on. It’s just, we’ve seen enough f/f to know when that’s happening.

It’s great that the wlw character has multiple love interests but it’s an interesting trend and has certain connotations wen they’re the ones with rotating love interests while the m/f ships are between central characters introduced in and developed since the first season. 

And a very different anon:

Season 2 of Vida is soo much better and Emma and Nico are way more shippable soo super recommend. Season 3 looks super promising too

It definitely looks like Emma and Nico have more time and story than Emma and Cruz, but that would not be difficult to have! 😛 I definitely don’t want to not ever watch this super queer show and Roberta Colindrez is so hot, it’s still on my list, I just will probably not get to it any time soon.

And a different anon:

Oh man, I’m a different anon but I hoped you liked Vida too just because I like to read your opinions on scenes or things that happen in shows. I really like Vida but I’m literally a Mexican-American from LA so I really connect with the show on a personal level I guess. I hope they eventually release Jarina’s music from the show because it’s been killing me that I can’t get it. Maybe not killing me but you know…

Awww, thanks! And awww, it’s great you can appreciate the show on that level. 🙂 Hopefully Tanya can make more shows like this. And I hope you get your music!