Purge 1×08 thoughts including spoilers:

Well! We kinda knew that was coming. A part of me is shrugging, given what the genre is, bolstered by another part that can see that yes, one out of two f/f characters was killed, but there’s probably a similar ratio for m/f characters for once.

But a final part of me is a little miffed at how it happened? It wasn’t good TV. Like, we didn’t see the signs before, it all happened in one episode. The line from Lila before about Rick wanting to be a part of the world, we picked up on that but it was hardly foreshadowing enough. Not when it was kinda true. Surprise, Lila’s a purge loving psycho lesbian trope after all! I would have included more scenes of her with her parents earlier in the show, or even the flashback from tonight, I would have included the first half in a previous ep and then showed the rest of it today to get some payoff and a persistant moment. They deliberately played up the romantic arc of Lila and Jenna in previous eps so this could be a more shocking and horrible twist. That Jenna, the most anti-purge person on the show, had to kill the woman that she might have loved. 

And it hasn’t escaped my notice that most of the bad guys have been just terrible people, motivated by money and being men, lol. Jane’s bad guy was David, the siblings’ was Tavis and the ex-boyfriend and the general shittiness of humans, but the Betancourts’ wasn’t actually the NFFA but Jenna’s jilted female lover? Who was a mixture of evil (enjoying her first purge in flashbacks and everything she was throwing at Rick) but mostly genuinely unbalanced?

But at least that all is done now and we can stop worrying how it was all going to shake down. 😛