what’s your theory about the purge and the whole jenna/lila/rick triangle after episode 7? there’s still one episode left, so we can assume that something else is going to happen with them. do you think one of them dies? xxx

Heh, I anticipated your question this week and was already thinking on this question after I watched!

First, aren’t there three more episodes? 

Second, it’s becoming less about the shipping for me now (maybe it always should have been) because it’s all being framed for Rick now. It’s no longer about just Lila and Jenna, every time we get anything between them, it pans over to Rick to see his reaction. And lol, he is in a tough spot. Was a bit of a dick move to try to stop Jenna from opening the gate to let Lila in but since then, he’s mooostly been okay with her. I’m not yet sure that Lila is telling the truth about what happened, but if she is, then that all does suck for her. 

Jenna is the weirdest here, because…does she really not see what’s brewing? I guess she thinks it’s just the one night, ride it out, Lila’s hurt and traumatized, there’s no way anything could happen tonight, let’s see where things are tomorrow. But they’re both so in love with her, every time she tends to one the other gets so on edge.

I saw the preview for next week, and I think, sadly, it’s Lila who’s going to do something shady. I do think one or two will die, it seems like Jenna will survive with one or the other. She could be the one who dies, but I think her, Jane, and at least one of the siblings–possibly in a sick twist Penelope will be the one who lives after Miguel sacrifices himself for her–will be the survivors. The same twist theory could apply to Jenna, where Rick and Lila live and she doesn’t, it depends on what “lesson” the writers want to teach. Is it going to be humanity triumphing or deliberately bleak as if to say, this is where we’re headed, stop before it’s too late. We’ve had Jane kill now, despite her attitude toward the purge, I wonder if Jenna will too at some point. Possibly even…one of Rick or Lila?? No…right? Hmm.