I don’t know the details but I’m pretty sure the Charmed reboot got a lot of negative attention before it aired because the reboot creators/rights owners screwed over the original show’s actresses who had put a lot of their own IP and work into it. I don’t know enough to have a solid opinion and I feel bad for the cast and crew involved in the reboot who didn’t do anything wrong, but there’s been a lot of unfair stuff going on production-wise unrelated to the quality of the show.

Oh? I can understand that but is that knowledge really so widespread? I know HMC’s been unhappy with it and I know that she’s taken umbrage at the reboot’s claim to be a feminist version (implying that the original wasn’t), but I don’t really see anything like that in people’s reactions to it. They don’t like the writing, they don’t like the actors, they don’t like the chemistry, they don’t like that it’s the CW, they don’t like that it exists at all. 

But surely if there were real issues they’d be splashed all over the place? If enough people knew of it to be going over to IMDB and downvoting it and even creating a #cancelcharmed tag on Twitter (which I just checked and only see comments about the quality, nothing to do with production or BTS drama), I imagine it’d be all over Tumblr too.