Thoughts on the new purge ep? Also are you watching htgawm?

Okay, like…I’m freaking impressed that Rick realized Jenna went up to Lila, after looking him in the eye and yet it’s him apologizing in the end and begging her to stay with him. He was totally right to call her out, but clearly Jenna does feel pretty strongly for Lila too. Maybe she’s telling the truth about not liking what he’s turning into, but it’s a part of him. And what was it about him that made her cheat in the first place?

It just seems a bit odd, if they were already having trouble and then she cheated, and now they’re back in this place, what are they fighting so hard to keep? Or what is Jenna’s motivation to stay, what makes it not simple to just choose the person she’s more interested in and keeps returning to? Does she have a version of Rick she’s the most in love with, out of all three (idealized Rick, real Rick, and Lila)? 

I kind of figured Lila wasn’t dead, though it was still a shock in the middle of the ep, I’m kind of suspicious of her now. Where’d she go when Jenna was at her room door, how’d she make it all the way to their place, and why? And screaming for them to let her in while looking all bloody and scared, how convenient (though the preview makes it seem like she’s not the bad guy after all, the neighbor is).