Hey. Same anon as last week. Here, to ask you about The Purge – episode 5? Do you have theories for the upcoming episodes? Thanks :)

Hi, anon! 

I don’t have any theories, really. Just questions. The only thing I know is that Lila’s actress still has some more appearances left, according to IMDB, and really, that would have been a very lame death if this was her last ep. But where was she? Was she really behind the door listening to Jenna? Surely at some point what Jenna was saying would have made her open and pull her in. And they could have shown her not listening. So I’m guessing she wasn’t there? Which means some other scheme might be going on.

As a shipper, I very much did like that after finding out things were going to get bad, Jenna went up to tell Lila. She made a hell of a lot more effort to get to her than Rick. But that doesn’t have to mean anything as far as endings go. And we still need to see what happened to the end of Lila and Jenna (wait–could the rest of Lila’s appearances be flashbacks? I guess that’s possible, though unlikely, this isn’t the type of story where mourning is shown through flashbacks) where Lila supposedly lost control.