Are you ready for a series with multiple LGBTQ characters who all have nuanced storylines and don’t die at the end? Are you ready to be able to directly support a series made by, for, and about queer people? Are you ready to help fund six episodes’ worth of angst, snark, and gay?

Then you’re ready for BIFL.

BIFL is an LGBTQ comedy about expectations, different shades of intimacy, and what it really means to love someone; about blood family versus found family and how toxic relationships can both manifest and disguise themselves; and about a group of twenty-somethings trying their best. But most of all, it’s about me, and you, and all of us, and we think you’re really gonna dig it.

Head to our campaign page to check out the pitch-video-slash-trailer and learn more about the story and characters, and please consider donating in exchange for one (or several!) of our fantastic perks. The funds will go directly toward the production of this series, and you’ll forever have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make something awesome!

If you’re unable to do so but still want to support the project, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on our progress.

BIFL is a love letter to femslash fandom, and we’d love for you all to help us make it happen.



Hey there, followers.

We talk an excellent game about supporting queer content creators and indie projects, and this is one of those times to start walking the walk. I’ve read every word of this script, and it’s like diving into the most delicious mug of warm Earl Grey. It’s soothing and fulfilling and tastes just like home.

If you can donate, that’s AMAZING, and please do so. But if you can’t, it would mean a lot if you’d spread the word. I think this web series is going to mean an awful lot to an awful lot of people.