Book Rec: The One Who Eats Monsters by Casey Matthews

I hadn’t been in the mood to read a new book for years, it’s always been easier to just reread old faves or start a fic, but this came with enough recommendation for me to give it a shot. Urban fantasy f/f, that should be fun.

Okay, so, the starting chapter is brutal. It doesn’t go into detail but rape and violence trigger warnings. But I kept reading and once the actual story started, I was pulled in and despite trying to pace myself to savor the feel of reading something new and good, again stayed up super late on a school night to finish it. Totally worth it!

First off, the writing itself is great, which isn’t always a guarantee in a niche genre. The plot and setting were unique and intriguing enough that by the time I really got into the story, I’d have continued reading even if it hadn’t been f/f. But it is, which makes it about a million times better for me. Especially when it’s one of those books where the gay part isn’t the only part? You know, where it’s not a Gay Book but a book that happens to be gay? The conflict doesn’t come solely from coming out angst or homophobia.

That’s not to say there isn’t a bit of that, because there is, but it’s that rare and perfect combination of two characters driving the bigger plot even as the potential for romance is there. And the romance builds, it’s not tacked on to the end.

There are some awesome fight scenes, the writer’s great with that imagery, and it’s got lighter moments and humor and sweetness, but I’d just reiterate that even after the first chapter, it can get violent and disturbing past normal YA levels. If you can get past that, then it’s a quick action-filled and bracing read.