Go at youtube and search for Maaya 2, a new webserie. First watch all promos then the first episode. Let me see what you think.

Yes, ma’am, Anon ma’am.

So…wow! Good call on starting with the promos, they revealed a ton of the story, progressively more of it. I was first getting major The Rich Man’s Daughter vibes but this seems way more intense (if that’s even possible). It’s the guy, he seems awful and the homophobia from him very extreme and personal.

I gotta say, the first promo starting off with the Roohi character talking about girls who like girls in Hindi, a language my family speaks, that felt so bizarre and cool! 

I’ve not watched the first ep yet, but I’ll definitely try to watch the series when I can. Do you know when the other eps will be released? I actually downloaded the app in the link and was able to get access to the other eps, but I’m wondering what the public release schedule is, if any.