The shows saddening, but some people’s reactions… just highlights how closeminded some people are as they can’t even begin to understand what’s difficult about Rana’s situation. There’s also a culture of blame ‘Rana’s in a free society, holding onto a backward religion or culture etc.’ not understanding how dire the consequences could potentially be.

Yep. On top of how painful it is to simply watch Rana’s story, it becomes exponentially worse to see real people be so indifferent or even blame her (and all the people like her) for everything. This is why I’m not sure if it’s worth showing so much of her suffering. For what? Who? People aren’t going to get it. They can see all this, how conflicted and terrified and guilty she was through the whole thing and still think, she’s a cheater so whatever. Or why does she care about what her family thinks? Is the gap still too big to bridge? Or is Corrie not good enough at telling this story? Or are those the loud minority and other people are more contemplative about it? Who knows.