You used the writing as an excuse for Kate’s actions after the reveal so why can’t you do the same for zee? The situations aren’t the same obviously but in both cases it’s the writing that’s making the characters act ott

You’re right and I have mentioned it, several times, it’s the writing that’s going to make Zee act like this, and then after Wednesday, bunched Kate together with him. I did post those tags about being angry with him in the heat of the moment so things may change in a few months as I predicted, but like you said, the situations are different and that might be enough for me here. I’m just gonna list my thoughts out in an effort to organize them:

Kate’s actions aren’t just OOC, they’re inexplicable. Until a certain point they remain understandable and sympathetic and then they’re neither. Her behavior is so forced it’s difficult NOT to see the writer’s hand. She does a complete about face and then barely acknowledges something that was consuming her life days before. Zee, while OOC from how we regarded him before, remains understandable. He’s doing all this because he wants to hurt Rana, the narrative could not be more clear. And while it may be forced to progress the plot, literally everything in fiction is to progress a plot and his actions since the reveal haven’t come out of nowhere or been inconsistent within themselves. So it’s easier to accept them as part of him.

It’s ALSO easier to accept them as part of him because they diverge from his base characterization less than Kate’s did hers. Like, actually, for Kate, participating in an affair itself was a literally out of character thing that was explained by this being a new feeling for her even though it was also kind of a forced plot thing when honest self-righteous Kate could have just waited longer. But as you know, soaps. But Kate sobbing about seeing Rana and Zee together physically hurting her and then in the same day just brushing off the fact their affair has been revealed, partly at her hands…where is the consistency in that? On the other hand, Zee was an occasionally jealous, possessive boyfriend who became a chill husband who’s now furious at his cheating wife and doing everything he can to hurt her. His characterization doesn’t have to stretch as far to encompass his new actions.

Ultimately, I don’t really care enough about Zee in the moment to do the work to put everything aside and continue liking him. Why should I? What does he have to offer aside from being a somewhat nice Muslim guy, which he isn’t even anymore? He’s going to out someone for the sole purpose of hurting them. His character’s going to have to acknowledge the horrors of that and apologize for me to even consider liking him again.