There is a theory going around that Rana will attempt suicide. What do you think of this?

What, wow. A theory based on what? 

I wouldn’t be surprised by it, but I wouldn’t like it. TRMD did exactly thism Rana and Jade’s stories parallel in a lot of ways, and Jade, through guilt and pressure, was driven to the same thing, and it wasn’t handled well there, and I don’t expect it to be handled well here. It’s something that shouldn’t be a small side plot as part of a major arc, it should get its own separate treatment. 

That’s not to say that LGBT characters shouldn’t ever be portrayed as depressed or that they could never consider or try to commit suicide, but it shouldn’t be as a result of a fairly brief breakup, and then have any negative feelings go away once the couple is reunited. They can’t just treat it like someone going on a bender. And given how the show has just completely glossed over Adam’s attempt over Christmas, I would not put much faith in them doing right by it here

Though, while I wouldn’t be surprised, I wouldn’t expect it. There’s no real dramatic value in it right now. IF they were to pull such a thing, it’d be as a wake up call to the people around her, and there’s a long way to go where that’s at all necessary, and I’d expect any downward spiral to lead to leaving Zee and coming out, that’s her “nothing to lose” thing, and then for her to be supported enough by Kate and Imran to not go further.